Crow bath

Ridiculous black robe. Look at this mouth, all crooked and stained with lipstick.

She muttered. She was not squatting, nor sitting, but curled one leg under her body, the other straight, stiffened that way, in a strange position. She remembered she had another leg, or rather a tail, but how could she not find it now. She groped around, scratching the wet ground in a blur – eh? Who stole it?

She threw out a rough stone she felt, and the flock of crows was blown away by the wind. The crows floated in mid-air, not falling and not rising, as if the air was so sticky that it clung to their black robes. They gathered in the air and looked solemn.

What are they? she asked herself? Why are those black robes empty, with nothing inside? Where are the feet?

She seemed to become the same as those black robes, empty under the clothes, there is nothing. She tried, she had feet. So she lifted her feet and tried to step on the sticky air to walk to the middle of the black robes in mid-air.

She stumbled a bit on the way to the air, the stones were purple one moment, then gray the next. There were trees, too, white and blue. The walls of people’s yards were also there, burning like flames. Suddenly she couldn’t control herself, she ran like crazy, her hair was spread out, her bodice was open, and she wanted to run to the sky in pain.

Someone came up to her and grabbed her by the hand, shouting, “Ye Ani, what’s wrong with you?

Ye Ani? Who is Mrs. Ye? She asked.

You’re not Ye Ani, are you? The person said.

The person who pulled her, no, only a strange person, with a human face, but the eyes and nose and everything is a horse deer, especially the mouth, so pointed. The face was clearly marked, and the fur was shiny.

Go away, horse-deer. She shook off the hand of the half-human half-beast and continued to run, running towards the clouds.

XI Butcher with a sharp knife in his mouth, the tip of the knife dripping with cow blood as usual. Although he is fat and his face is red, but not at all clumsy – to be honest clumsy people simply can not do this business, early by the cow a few hooves stomp over.

A white yak lying on the grass, head twisted to the side, eyes wide open, cowhide half draped over the body, half lifted, revealing the green and white belly. It drank too much water in the previous hour, and now its belly is bulging and about to explode – if the sun continues to heat up like this, it may explode.

Butcher is nothing like Xi, which is so sharp. Look at this tenderloin, tender enough to eat raw – the speaker is a young man, tall, good-looking, a flattering face.

I do not know what is butcher, I only know not to eat free food – Xi Butcher has always spoken without regard for others, a few sarcastic disdain thrown out of the head. I don’t care.

The young man blushed and walked sarcastically toward the bottom of the tree. There waits the buyer of beef, the bald boss Gu. Mr. Gu has finished a bottle of wine, with some drunkenness, and stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

The young man mumbled something in a low voice, reaching for a cigarette, holding it in his mouth, and feeling for a lighter in his pocket. In cases like this, he knew that asking for cigarettes would not be refused. Boss Gu swept a look at the tall man begging for cigarettes in front of him, exhaled a smoke ring, raised his chin an inch and gestured for him to unload the empty baskets from the pickup truck. Boss Gu’s look careless, like a dog.

The young man, with an unlit cigarette in his mouth, ran over to unload the goods like a dog, and diligently dragged the empty green plastic baskets to the butcher’s side, looking back at Boss Gu as if to take credit.

Boss Gu crouched motionlessly under the tree, stuffed another cigarette into his mouth, and swept a glance at his beef – which is going to tumble in the hot pot tonight, bringing him dozens of times the profit. He heard the smell of money jingling. Yes, the smell, not the sound.

The young man pouted and made a pitch to carry the beef to the car, XI Butcher around a dirty leather apron, wiping the knives together.

Beef are loaded on the car, the young man looked with concern at the two baskets of bones on the grass – sometimes Gu boss in a good mood, will pick up a few thrown to him, like throwing to the dog. But not today. XI Butcher looked at the young man with his scornful eyes, bent down and grabbed the basket of bones and threw it into the car.

Gu boss a foot to put out the cigarette, another foot down, the pickup truck whistling away with black smoke.

XI Butcher huffed and lifted the cowhide, hitched to the shelf, cowhide fur slightly dripping with blood drops.

The young man had nothing to do, holding his bladder, and went to the tree to rest under the cool. The cigarette took a long time, could not find a lighter and gave up lighting. He was used to being despised, but it was never his fault – because he couldn’t have stopped his father from stealing, he was only five or six years old at the time, and watched cheerfully as his father was arrested. And once his father was in jail, how could he have grown up without the blank stares of others benevolent and alive? For those who grew up with pride, what’s the big deal? It is not just a complete home, there is a powerful father well.

Of course, later he was caught stealing, but it’s not his fault – reading, can not read a word. The job is, a little bit of suffering does not want to eat, and so aspire to the life of the rich. The business is okay, although lost all of his mother’s 60,000 yuan, but also rich for a while, a lot of food and drink. Now, it’s just a matter of mixing on the street, where there is a meal to mix a bite, mix not to find mom to squeeze a little, the money for food is always there. The young man’s eyes were fixed on his mother, driving her to crawl through the muddy ground of life for the rest of her life.

Qiao Demao (hello) – curly-haired shepherd with a flowering bull came and greeted the young man. He said, Ye genius, I saw a video in the circle of friends, it seems to be your mother, the situation is not very good, run like crazy, go and see.

Impossible, old Aka, my mother is very good, and also carried a few trips to sell scrap in the morning.

In order to prove that he is not lying, the young man named Ye genius from the pocket out of thirty dollars, said, look, old Aka, this is the income from the sale of scrap. Do you know how much scrap you have to have for thirty dollars? She carried it back and forth several times, big bundles, I can not carry. Can she be crazy? Absolutely not.

Ye genius inherited his father’s lanky body and cold squinty eyes, eyelids a little swollen kind.

The curly-haired shepherd led the cattle deeper into the woods, halfway to chat with acquaintances he met again, parting with a constant quacking of Jenche (thank you)! Quack Janche!

What a strange day, she muttered as she ran, why are all the half-human, half-animal things running around in the streets? Look, that skinny guy with a cow’s head and a tiger’s mouth? Eh, that is a demon ow, look at the sharp teeth, look at the green and blue face, patterned pointed chin. Beat it to death.

She stopped running and tiptoed over a stone – the glass of the billboard shattered to the ground.

Oh, this robot is really nice, smiling, pink face, and carrying a bag.

Grandma I am an elementary school student, not a robot.

She didn’t care about the childish voice and kept running, rushing, unable to resist running, as if she was being whisked away by a pack of dogs. Although she also wanted to hold back from running, but the body is not their own, there is so a rush of things, do not run as if it can not.

Her eyes drifted across the street and saw some bizarre sights, and she wondered what the hallucinations were all about. Anyway, she thought she might be looking for something. But what was she looking for? Probably, looking for something that would pull her racing mind back to regain its composure. One thing she could clearly feel was that she couldn’t control herself at all, and her legs and feet were automatically running somewhere. Anyway, just run, run to the sky and leave this messy earth.

It’s really bad, a big man, moving to lie in the woods do not move, you say how ridiculous this should be, is not a human thing to do?

The driver of the egg car crossed his legs on the steering wheel, half lying, digging in his hands to grab the phone, distracted listening to the short woman standing in front of the car door.

The car door was half open and there was no passenger. The short woman rambled on, apparently quite unhappy with both her mother-in-law and her man.

She went on to say that, of course, he spent more time hanging out on the street than he could believe, and was in his thirties. The mother-in-law is desperately trying to protect her child, giving birth to such a loser and not allowing me to say anything about it, which is really sad. Tell me, what is this mother and father living for?

No doubt, in the absence of a passenger, as a peer, the egg car driver will have to listen to these gossip to pass the time.

He slowly opened his mouth and said, Ga Ye sister-in-law, if you condemned Ye A milk, there is no need. These older people, is very protective of the calf. However, you think about it, she is also very poor, a lifetime of nannies, now old, there is no employer, have to collect scrap. The food and drink you eat at all times, but also rely on her to pick up the well.

The woman’s mother-in-law has a lot of pity for her.

The short woman’s emotions are easily disturbed. Although she drives for people and is always distracted twisting the steering wheel, but there has never been anything wrong with it, and the owner still keeps hiring her.

A group of people approached, probably a family party to go back after the hustle and bustle, flanking the rich old lady on the front of the line of an egg car.

It seems that all are rich people na, people are respected only when they are old and rich. The short woman bemoaned. She waited for a car full of people, about to step on the gas, someone thumped the car window, a familiar voice said, Ga Ye sister-in-law, I think I saw your mother-in-law barefoot running past, lapel open, looks wretched, want to see go? The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money for the purpose of the actual project.

Are you saying she’s gone crazy? Absolutely not. Just yesterday afternoon, she also carried several trips to the scrap, home and wrapped dumplings for us to eat, fine. You must be mistaken about the person. The short woman bristled, blocked back the familiar voice, and stepped on the gas and left.

That self-righteous scum, bastard! The egg car driver mentally cursed the Ye genius, lying on his back in the seat, his feet stretched out of the car, looking at the sky. A large cloud was pushed away by the wind, like thatch on the vessel of coarse cloth sheet was removed, revealing the bare blue sky.

She was tired of running and lay down on the grass by the roadside, her breasts hanging loose like sacks in her open bodice. Her face disappeared in its usual tense demeanor, and a face of wrinkled skin dangled dementedly. Her nose was one of those authentic collapsed noses, almost deeply sunken, nostrils pointing skyward. She spread her legs and stretched out her limbs, but her chicken claw-like fingers could not be stretched out and kept curling up. Her thin lips can not wrap the teeth, those sparse yellow teeth to the lips outside, particularly ugly.

However, she lies on her back is not comfortable at all, because of years of carrying scrap, the back into the pot. So, she lay on her side and try to lie more comfortably. A mess of white hair stuck in the grass, like a gray mushroom.

She huffed and puffed, and some strange things in her head came and went like a tidal wave. She seemed to be lying in a village house full of barberry grass, her mother was cooking in front of the stove, the pot and bowl made some slight snorting sound. She said to her mother, “I saw a flock of red-billed crows today. Strange, their black robes were empty, without feet, and they just rested in mid-air, not falling down. Her mother’s voice was distant and clear, saying to her, “They have already fallen, the crows are the birds of the gods, leading you out of the lost way. Poor thing, look how tired your heart is, it has broken down.

She seemed to be lying on the grassy slope behind her house again, surrounded by crops, pea pods emitting a fresh fragrance, her father laughing, picking her beans. She sat up and tried to catch the handful of beanstalks. But she touched a large pile of garbage, she rummaged through it and picked it up, but there was nothing that could be sold for money, frustrated. She went back to lie down, straight and dead as a fish. But then she heard someone calling her for a diaper change. By the way, she was still working as a nanny for her kind-hearted employer, serving a paralyzed old granny. She rushed to her feet to bring water and urine. However, she was drunk in general. Her body was limp, and she couldn’t feel her legs, so she had to lie down.

Eh? Isn’t this Mrs. Ye? What’s wrong with her? Quickly call his son. What? No number? Oh, poor old man.

Ye’s wife is so miserable, married to a hooligan, born to a loser, and made herself mad.

She was so confused that she didn’t know people were talking about her. Her eyes harbor a melancholy, perverse, sad look, that is the past days left her a visible poor gas. This poor gas and coughing, can not be held down, a little movement on the white smoke lingering around her.

Ye genius can be very expansive, the money to eat restaurants, under the armpit with a glass of water, ho, so big.

A bird, the money owed to the barbecue stall, a trip to the night market sneaky to avoid the debtor.

I hate these half-human, half-animal things, but really noisy. What are you talking about? Go away, I want to sleep. She reached out and waved a hand, like a fly so a scratch.

She was too tired to go through the dirty dumpster all day, all sorts of suffocating smells had made her dizzy. And those smelly scraps and so heavy, waiting for her back to carry to exchange for money, home even back can not straighten up, so she had to sit on the threshold. But a little strength to get up into the kitchen to cook, the son and daughter-in-law into the door to carry the bowl.

Sparrows fly up, ants run, crows fall. The leaves of the trees are blowing in the breeze. The woods are on the outskirts, not far from the city, and extraordinarily quiet. If you meet an acquaintance to slaughter cattle and sheep, barbecue in the woods, he can also rub food. Although the family did not eat badly at home, even if it is to pick up garbage, Mom will make the food very delicious, but it is not as free and happy as outside.

Sometimes, he feels that he is just like his father, an authentic prodigal son, not at all suitable for home. However, the only difference is that his father is a real prodigal son, iron heart, the world north and south to wander, thirty years never come home, do not give the family a penny. And he is just thinking about it, not even dare to go to the provincial capital, for fear of starving to death. He used to hide under his mother’s wing to take shelter from the wind and rain, seeking peace in the present.

The shade of the trees fell on his face, neck, clothes. The people who slaughter the cattle and sheep have left, and the forest is quiet. He grew up wandering in these woods, skipping school, fighting with people, stealing things and hiding them here, almost feeling at home. Although he has now become a begging food scoundrel, being rolled eyes, but he does not care, but like this kind of mix and mingle days. No matter what, even if it is seen as a dog, wild dog, but also to live in spite of everything, with the tail between the food and drink, lying in the sun. Life well, comfort is nothing more than that. Look at the butcher, suffering and mule-like, all dirty and greasy, not also eat three meals a day, and not to eat five meals, why bother. Besides, that Gu boss, thinking about money is no hair on the head, bald like, what is the point.

He is open-minded.

At dusk, when Ye Genius Long strolled to the village of Kailai, he met his wife. She drove the egg car, turning from the crooked alley, with some pleasant demeanor on her face.

Where is this going? It’s getting dark. Ye Genius asked with a long face stuck in the road.

The boss told me to pick up people at Dafeng Beach, and I’m sure I’ll be late back at night. The short woman closed the smile on her face and licked her thick lips to answer.

What kind of people are you picking up? You are specifically home to change clothes? Tsk, also put on makeup.

What a buzzkill. I sold my body to support you, what’s wrong? Bastard!

The wife was annoyed, a foot of gas and left. Ye genius froze for a moment, muttered, said not to betray the old man, the old woman, character defects.

He probably found out that his wife changed her clothes because he was hungry. Also only mixed with less than white food will be messy to think about some things.

He was walking in the potholed alley, and there were people on the side of the road smearing mud skin on the walls of the boarding house. The village is about to be demolished, and the walls of the houses are covered with mud, so that they can get compensation according to the brick and mortar structure. However, he did not even think about this rental village demolition where he has to settle down. Ye genius is not worried at all, when there is no place to go, may force mom to buy a building may also be possible – mom body contains endless energy, squeeze a little will squeeze out unexpected surprises. Although she is old. And she has a wealthy sister, she can’t just watch her own sister living on the street.

Grandma Gu sits in the living room under the lamp tying a sweater. The grandson got her wool ball under the sofa and got down on the floor to look for it again. Grandpa Gu is lying on the sofa flipping through his phone, watching Shake.

Wife, look at the video of this crazy woman running, seems a bit like your sister eh.

Nonsense, your sister is crazy magic it. She also called me at noon, said tomorrow to pay the rent, still a thousand dollars short. The old man is the only one who has a lot of money.

The old man felt that his wife didn’t care for her sister at all and wouldn’t even lend a thousand dollars. Of course, he would not agree to lend money to that poor woman. The Ye family is a bottomless pit, how much money can not fill. In fact, relatives do not like that person, abandoned by her husband early, pulling up a white-eyed wolf, a wanderer, who will hurt her, too late to avoid.

In fact, I think – moncler gucci outlet online the phone buckle on the coffee table, and a cigarette pot into the mouth, lit, snapped and smacked hard, vacated his mouth and said, your sister will sooner or later go crazy. You think about it, on the trash collection money to support the family, not crazy off only strange. The pork is thirty, the cabbage is three dollars five.

Gu Da Ma suddenly remembered what, said, uh, is that goatee old man Xu, he said several times, he saw my sister in front of the temple, as if sitting at the door begging for money. Head down, and could not see clearly whether it was or not.

So, how much is your sister’s low income and pension? Six or seven hundred, right? It’s not enough to beg, right?

The card can fall in her hands? Ye day only pinch tight, month after month waiting to take money to spend it, everywhere in debt. The poor thing, she did not see a penny, selling scraps of each coin to calculate some then spend out.

Aunt Gu became angry and threw down her sweater. Once the ghost of the shopping is mentioned, she is simply full of fire. The scum, in addition to lying, is as sneaky and suspicious as a shrew, using every means to drain his mother, not even a coin left for her.

The floor of the doorway creaked as Mr. Gu entered and changed his slippers and came towards the living room. He glanced at his mother and sat in his own wicker chair on the balcony, stuffing a brass pipe into his mouth like his father, deep in silence.

The mother also glanced at her son – who was also almost forty, his face sagging with muscles and balding to a great extent. The son was becoming more and more like an old man, talking less and sitting quietly for a while every day before going to bed.

The two old men changed the subject and continued talking. The son does not like to let others know that he and Ye Genius are cousins, more reluctant to mention him. Even if they met, the kind of wolfish syllables and flattering look when Ye Genius spoke made him feel incredibly disgusted.

Ahem, mom, I ran into that scum Genius Ye again today. Boss Gu took off his pipe and suddenly opened his mouth to say that he was like an opium ghost, wandering in the gloomy woods where the cattle were slaughtered, like a lonely ghost, and he had the heart to kick him a few feet.

Uh, pity your aunt, the future have to suffer. Have you heard? The village of Kui Pai is going to be demolished. Gu Da Ma raised her eyes to look at her son, pouting, heart like a piece of tarpaulin, not air. After all, it is a sister, watching her go wandering, the heart can not be depressed well.

Mom, you can’t help her. No matter what, aunt will be more and more difficult. If you want to lend our empty house to the Ye family to live, aunt may not even see you in the future.

Yes, the Ye genius will sell the house at a low price and squander it. Grandpa Gu interjected and said, it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. You think so.

Grandma Gu frowned. For many years, she has been trying to find a cut somewhere in the body of the genius of Ye in order to stuff some sunlight into him. In fact she only saw a delicious and lazy skin, very complete, not a single break could be found.

What else did she say at noon besides borrowing money? moncler gucci outlet can’t help but ask. Because every time he saw this poor relative, she would endlessly drag out her crying voice to complain, which annoyed him.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at your son’s face and sigh and say, “What else can you talk about? The daughter-in-law of the genius of the Ye recently in the fuss, she drove the egg car, the boss wants to sell, 50,000 yuan. The daughter-in-law is determined to buy it, forcing her mother-in-law to take the money, or to divorce the genius.

May tell your sister, the daughter-in-law divorce is also good, less a drag. It’s easier to feed a scum than two scum.

The old man, she can not think that way, breaking her son’s heart.

Come on, Ye genius to deal with his mother, there is nothing that can not do things, even people condolences to bring the oil and rice are stolen to sell.

Because the genius is a scrap of rice bucket well.

He grew up not a waste, you think about it, when the small mouth is sweet enough.

When I was young, indeed, but who knows that growing up but crooked off.

So ah, think about it, who raised him to waste? What is the use of sympathy alone.

Old man, I don’t think my sister raised him. Ye family’s roots are like that, his grandfather, his father, his uncle, all the wimps, liars, Hu Ri ghosts. You tell me, where is a decent person on the road?

Then your father is blind? And married her to the Ye family?

All right, you all stop. Mr. Gu said, “Mom, if we are not prejudiced to comment on the aunt and scum, it is impossible. We really are not indifferent, but we can’t be emotional and waste our money. Old dad, just that fool, genius Ye, although disappointing to the core, but at least the aunt still has a son, there is still a way to live. Otherwise, you also think about it, how can aunt live?

Despite all this discussion is tiresome, the fact is that the protagonist of the problem – the cloaked Ye Ani is still lying drowsily on the roadside.

moncler outlet online, reached out and pulled out the woolen ball from under the sofa, dropped it, and went into the bedroom to sleep. The other family’s rags, worry about a line. The mother rubbed her own head of gray hair, her face was difficult, and she turned her attention to her grandson who was running around on the floor. The grandson, with his feet wrapped in wool, had almost finished tearing down her knitted sweater. Her son, slowly filling his pipe with tobacco, did not light it, just held it in his mouth and fell into deep thought. He is always in deep thought, and no one knows what he is thinking about. Although he also has to take care of business and family life.

Across the street came the sound of laughter and shouting, interspersed with the sound of fistfighting and yelling. These noises woke her up. Of course, she still did not know that the night market had begun. Those rude voices, some high and some low, some sharp and some hoarse, but shouting are very hard, everyone so happy.

In a few moments, a large bonfire was lit and the guide started dancing with a group of foreigners. If she had been sober, she would have chanted in her mind, “These people are really spending money, a campfire dinner is so expensive that it is sinful.

In the darkness, the flames were blue at one moment, purple at another, and then sputtered into a mess. Those people have no face, only the dress ah, pants ah, empty and desperately shaking, like a demon. She sat up with a startled start, eyes wide, staring at the campfire, not moving. Her fingers dug into the dirt, and the loose, drooping skin of her face was actually taut, like a small beast lurking in the underbrush, peering.

Some hands, some feet, stretched out in a staggering pattern over the flames. Some firewood was thrown into the campfire with a crackling and popping sound that made her heart skip a beat with every sound. Like a dry otter, she held her head erect, still staring across the campfire, waiting for an opportunity to escape at the first sign of movement. After a long time, she finally saw a face, greasy, white and fat. Then saw the stomach, writhing there. Another woman’s face also appeared next to the campfire, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat, her face somewhat distorted and distorted, snake-like.

She rubbed her eyes hard as more and more faces appeared next to the flames, floating uncertainly amidst the smoke and sparks splattering. Some were still wearing rolled-brimmed hats, and it was hard to tell if they were men or women, but they were just bouncing around anyway. They were all like paper people, light and weightless, dancing with the wind. The bonfire was burning, getting hotter and hotter, and the faces were getting blurred and disappearing, leaving only the skirts, the pants, fluttering there.

A man entered the farmer’s market, saw her in the darkness of the light and shadow, and called out to Ye Ani. But she did not respond, not knowing that she was Ye Ani. Nor did she know that the man was the egg cart driver. She sat frozen, stretching her neck, her gaze dull and panicked, her look a deep sorrow – if sorrow could be sculpted, it would be like this.

The driver of the egg cart sat down at a barbecue stand to get her some food and turned his face to look at her.

Most likely, Ye Ah Niang went crazy. He said to the stall owner, put less spicy seeds.

If I knew the phone number of Ye Genius, I would have called him long ago. Unfortunately, I do not know it. The stall owner replied regretfully.

Yes, that rogue man, who would have his number, better not be pestered. He must have eaten a lot of your barbecue for nothing, right? The driver of the egg cart asked in a deliberate manner.

That’s not true, he ate for free several times, said he would pay if he had money, God knows which life he had money.

The ghost of a beggar.

The two men continued to talk, grilled meat and vegetables flipping over and over on the fork, grease dripping on the charcoal, nourishing.

Pop, someone opens a beer. Thud, someone falls to the ground drunk.

She remained seated, the dampness on the ground making her feel a little uncomfortable. Across the street, the smoke from the campfire thickens, sparks fly, and a group of people are still bouncing around in the shadows. The barbecue stall was smoky, light, fire, and many heads were faintly swaying in the smoke. Those heads are hazy, but they are human heads, not horses and cows. Her hallucinations gradually diminished. Of course she did not know.

She smelled the smell of roast meat, a rush of it. Her stomach rumbled, if not instinctively, she was afraid she did not know what hunger was all about.

This is a really strange thing, the stall owner said, you think about it, think about it, Ye A milk has been fine, last night also saw her picking up garbage, how to say crazy on crazy?

The egg car driver replied, in fact, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was not the last straw. You also think about it, a person has been in a state of famine – anxiety, depression, sadness, desolation, poverty, all rolled into one. These things have been tangled in her body, scurrying, fighting, pressing, obstructing. One day, it will not be able to hold down, like a snake, come out, spitting out the core, crazy outbreak. She will not be crazy.

You do have a point, the stall owner said, then, the genius how not to go crazy? He is simply scrappy to the extreme – empty, bored, decadent, doing nothing, stealing chickens and dogs. Isn’t it true that such a loser will never go crazy?

He lived like that, exactly as he wanted to. Free, loose, lazy, free. How could he go crazy?

At that moment, a wail pierced through the darkness – a shudder ran through her, shivering into a ball, her forked teeth shaking and knocking, the muscles in her face spasming up. She curled into a ball, convulsing, and let out a sad wail. She did not know who she was, nor did she know that she was tired and hungry, only that her body was so spastic that she could not stretch.

The stall owner secretly blamed himself for being too abrasive, just chatting and taking half a day to get the food ready. The egg cart driver rushed over and picked her up, feeding her water and scones. No one knew that she could not swallow even a bit of food since yesterday morning, when her daughter-in-law muttered that she would get a divorce if she could not buy a car, and from that moment on. Even though she had made dumplings. Despite her desperate attempts to sell the scraps she had accumulated. Even though she told her son that it was most economical to eat at home, the price of meals outside was sinfully expensive. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t save enough money to pay the rent, let alone buy a car.

She had to drive herself crazy, a complete breakdown, and run like crazy.

In general, the meals outside are a little more expensive than at home, but not as mysterious as Mom says. But the problem is, although expensive, but people are ready to serve the food in front of them, which has to be much less trouble. There is no doubt that to be lazy and eat ready-made, then the restaurant to eat is the only choice. Because mom is not home, who cooks? Probably, she has her eyes on the scraps somewhere and is working all night. If that was the case, he could have a barbecue tomorrow. It had been a long time since he’d had one – and he had reason to believe that it was indeed the case.

In fact, he really wanted to feast on it right now. But, all that could be cleaned off his body was thirty dollars, given by his mother in the morning when she sold the scrap.

A phone call from his wife, however, was more of a problem than eating barbecue. This call spoiled his mood for dinner, corrupted his leisurely mood, and might have to pay a heavy price for it.

My wife asked on the phone, you’ve been staying at home, no way to think about it? You know, this car I’m used to driving, and cheap.

Ye genius calmly replied, yes, I do not stay at home, where can I go? What do you think I can think of? Gu boss has money, right, and is a close aunt, you think he will lend money to me? I’m telling you, there is no way.

Even if you don’t try to find a way, you should tell your mother and ask her to borrow. Her sister is obviously rich and stalkerish, won’t she lend 50,000?

Then you are thinking too much. How much more has my aunt lent us? Have I ever paid her back? I don’t know what you’re thinking. It’s good to work, isn’t it? Come back first.

Do not want to go back to that shitty home, beggars are better than you. I tell you, I do not want to live with a bum. If you don’t get the money within a week, get out, but I have people who want it. Do you hear me clearly?

Then you must find a rich, hairy, beardless. Do not waste your forty years of youth.

Ye Genius hung up the phone and hurried to eat his shredded fish and pork dry mix noodles. If you waste a bowl of hot noodles for this small matter, it is simply not cost-effective. The wife is forty years old and had two marriages before she married him. And he is only thirty-three years old. If she had a clear head, she would not have said such stupid things.

Ye Genius purred and ate noodles, not wanting to get himself in a bad mood. That old bitch is just scaring the hell out of Mom and making her panic. He simply does not love her, love to leave. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if we could get rid of her forced chatter.

After she ate her fill, her whole body loosened up and that crampy feeling gradually disappeared. The gray earth-like color of her face eased a little.

Ye ama, let me fasten your buttons and comb your hair, you may have nightmares. Do you know where you live at home? I’ll take you back. The egg car driver asked.

Which one? Did you say the mountains? she mumbled, timid and whispered.

Come to think of it, Ye Auntie, the home you live in now. Is it Boundary Village? The one that’s about to be demolished.

There are so many people, yes, paste the wall yet, tomorrow I have to pay the rent, but I have no money. What can I do? She whimpered and cried.

Ye A milk, no one will chase you for money, do not worry, I will send you back. Come on, I’ll help you, walk slowly.

Her legs have stiffened, walking is too ridiculous, twisting and turning, left and right, the ground seems to have thorns. Under the street light and can not see the road, high a foot a foot, despite being supported, but still walking quite difficult. She saw people eating barbecue on the side of the road and did not react, although someone greeted her and asked her what was wrong.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The merchants on the roadside heard the jasmine flowers and pushed the garbage cans over and gathered together. A few dumpsters sprang up with paper boxes and drink bottles that were about to fall out.

She shook off the egg cart driver’s hand and ran towards the gathered bins. The people behind her shouted so loudly that she couldn’t even hear them go, and ran straight past them. She had to grab those babies before the garbage truck took them away.

The dumpsters were really wide open tonight, with all kinds of things that could be sold for money, and she almost laughed out loud when she looked at them. From her years of experience, it would fetch at least fifty dollars – enough for tomorrow’s living expenses. She was almost so excited that she wanted to hug the dumpster and cry.

The moment her hand touched the piece of paper, she was completely awake, as if nothing had happened. She skillfully picked up the garbage and greeted the driver of the garbage truck with a smile, no different from any other day. The whole afternoon’s insanity seemed to have been removed from her time and rejoined at noon – like a drunken person’s brain breaking for a moment, like a raven’s bath for a moment.

What kind of day is it? People are throwing away too much good stuff. Even the driver couldn’t bear to waste it and jumped out of the car to help her rummage. Beer bottles, paper shells, drink bottles, and even a bundle of copper wire, which can be worth a lot of money.

Nowadays, people are really not careful enough to live their lives, look at this, even such a good chair is thrown away. She sighed and said to the driver.

In my opinion, someone must have moved today, look at this teapot, it’s fine. Ye a milk, you all pick back, all can be used.

But the village of Kailai are going to be demolished, take back do not know where to put. She suddenly became sad again. After a short period of joy, you still have to face the bad reality.

Well, don’t be sad, Mrs. Ye. It’s a good thing that the village is being relocated. I heard that the tenants in the village will be given low-cost housing if they meet the conditions, and in your case, even the rent will be reduced.

The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. She stopped the work in her hand, straightened up her waist and asked seriously.

No one will cheat you, Mrs. Ye. If I can help you, I will do my best. That’s what my sister is in charge of.

She smiled sourly, tears welling up in her eyes. Ashes-like face darkly put out some light. However, even in the dim street light, the driver felt that there was something wrong with her. Her clothes and hair were messy, and there were tear marks on her face.

What’s wrong with you today, Mrs. Ye? You’re not sick, are you?

It’s just that I feel like I stepped on the grass, and I’m a little bit around. You are really a good person.

There are no street lights in Kui Pai Village. In the dark alley, she was carrying a huge bundle of paper shells, dragging a bag of bits and pieces in her hand, clanking away, Ye Genius heard his mother’s heavy footsteps from afar. Darkness can not see her legs and feet, the bundle of paper shells moving slowly, walking on their own as well.

She could not walk anymore, stopped to rest, like a large crow, gathered wings, head hanging in the feathers doze.

Ye Genius dropped the remote control and walked down the alley to meet his mother. He was willing to carry these things only in the dark. He smiled and said, “Oh, Mom, today several people told me that there is a crazy old grandmother like you. I said, “I’m sure it’s not, how could it be? Look at all the valuable things you got.

I also saw the crazy old lady with her hair down and her lapels open, and many people on the side of the road were pointing and poking, saying that I was just picking up trash this morning.

Mom, what did you say?

What did I say?

When he entered the house, he found that his mother did not look right. He looked up and down, and suddenly found that his mother was barefoot.

Mom, where are your shoes?

Shoes? Son, is it morning? Why isn’t the sun out yet? I was suddenly confused.

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