Guo Jinsheng went to Xijing from Dongzhou this time for only one purpose, to complete the last link of his own application for the title of professor.

Eastern State University has added an indicator to the evaluation of professors in the past two years. Applicants generally have to be visiting scholars abroad for half a year or more. There are special cases for “general”. For teachers over 50 years old, the school lowers the standard as appropriate. It is enough to read an academic paper in English at an international conference. Guo Jinsheng has just passed fifty years and three days, and meets this standard. For Guo Jinsheng, this caring policy is by no means an easy task. He has studied “dumb” English all his life and dare not go abroad to attend academic conferences. Because in addition to reading papers, foreign academic conferences must also answer questions. After answering, sometimes they have to discuss and even debate with foreign counterparts. It is not difficult to read the translated manuscript, but Guo Jin is not good enough to answer the question. In contrast, almost all international academic conferences in China only read manuscripts and do not answer questions. To this end, Guo Jinsheng searches the Internet every day for information on international academic conferences held in China.

Hard work pays off. Three months later, Guo Jinsheng finally found out that Xijing University was about to hold an international academic conference on biology and pharmacy, so he signed up immediately and paid the membership fee of 3,000 yuan.

Half a day before departure, Guo Jinsheng did not take it lightly and invited a professor of pronunciation standards from the School of Foreign Languages ​​to come and give guidance. After listening to his reading, the professor said that the country is easy to change, and the accent is difficult to change. It is estimated that foreigners can understand it with pricked ears.

That night, Guo Jinsheng took the high-speed rail all the way and stayed in room 302 of the Xijing Hotel.

At three o’clock in the morning, Guo Jinsheng, who couldn’t sleep, got up and practiced the translated English paper eight times in a row. At half past six in the morning, he was the first to enter the empty breakfast room. Back in the room, he continued to practice three times, and some difficult-to-pronounce English words were marked with Chinese characters.

At 7:30, Guo Jinsheng put on his suit and tie, took out a white plastic bottle from his bag, poured out a lozenge, took it with warm water, and hurriedly closed the door with a briefcase he was carrying with him. International academic conference held in the lecture hall of the building.

The international academic conference officially started at 8:00.

The conference hall was full, and 500 Chinese and foreign scholars came to participate in the conference. Among the five hundred people, two foreigners with big noses sat in the middle of the first row.

At ten o’clock, the host of the meeting announced that he would now invite Associate Professor Guo Jinsheng, associate dean of the School of Biology and Pharmacy, Eastern State University to read the paper. Guo Jin stood up abruptly, raised his chest and headed up to the podium, spread out his speech dignifiedly, and read it aloud: “Ladies and gentlemen, now, I begin to introduce my paper (Ladies and gentlemen, now, I begin to introduce my paper. read my dissertation)…”

Almost at the same time Guo Jinsheng was reading the thesis, Li Lamei, a hotel attendant, pushed a tool cart into Room 302 and started cleaning.

Li Lamei worked as a waiter at the Xijing Hotel for five years, and developed a professional habit. After entering the guest room, she walked around the room and bathroom to estimate the workload. Within thirty seconds, Li Lamei accurately guessed that the tenant was a teacher and a man. French fries, playing cards, mineral water (paid) on the bar stand still, beverages and beers in the refrigerator remain untouched, no cosmetics and bath products are placed in front of the mirror and in the shower, and the sanitary bag on the toilet is unopened , the position of the condom on the bedside table is the same as the day before. The most important thing is that there is no large luggage in the room, but there are several more information bags. These are all standard for teachers who are immersed in learning to stay in hotels.

The room wasn’t all the supplies provided by the hotel. Li Lamei saw a white plastic bottle on the table. The four golden characters on the bottle are eye-catching – “Ginseng Lozenges”. Li Lamei picked up the bottle and glanced at it. In addition to the four golden characters, there was a line of small characters “anti-fatigue, hypoxia resistance, strong physique”. It didn’t matter at this glance, Li Lamei secretly rejoiced that she had to clean rooms on four floors a day. Fatigue, hypoxia, and physical exhaustion were the norm. Ginseng lozenges were suitable for teachers who were engaged in mental work, and more suitable for those who did manual work. Li Lamei unscrewed the cap of the bottle and saw that there were more than half of the bottle of lozenges in it, as many as dozens of lozenges. “Eat a few slices, nothing will happen!” Although Li Lamei thought so, she didn’t do it directly. Instead, she quietly walked to the door and glanced at both sides of the corridor. She didn’t see the shadow of Wang Xiaocui, the foreman, and immediately returned to the room. Four out of the bottle, swallowed…

On the rostrum, Guo Jinsheng began to read the paper. After standing on the podium for 20 years, he suddenly felt that today he was not attending an international academic conference, but was teaching a class for the students, sometimes cadenced, sometimes impassioned. When I read the most difficult part of pronunciation, because the Chinese was marked in advance, Guo Jinsheng not only was not unfamiliar at all, but rather smooth and smooth…

In the hotel corridor, Wang Xiaocui held the verification book and walked slowly to the door of Room 302. Looking up at the room, the book in her hand almost fell to the ground – Li Lamei’s eyes were angered, her face was pale, she spread out her limbs and collapsed to the ground, motionless like a dead pig.

“Something happened! Something happened!” Wang Xiaocui shouted repeatedly. Not long after, the deputy manager of the lobby, Minister Li of the hotel security department, and Wang Huaishu, Li Lamei’s husband who was burning boilers in the hotel, all came to hear the news. Wang Huaishu cried and said that his wife was in her 40s, and she had no illness or disaster. Why did she suddenly lie down? She must have been framed by a bad product design. Minister Li was very calm, and asked Wang Xiaocui to pinch Li Lamei, and the organizers carried her to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment, while he carefully checked the room.

No murder weapon was found in the room, and no signs of fighting were found. There was only a white plastic bottle on the table. Minister Li picked up the bottle and pondered for a long time, and doubts suddenly opened: Li Lamei was very likely to steal ginseng lozenges, and a woman in her forties was like a wolf like a tiger. Therefore, Minister Li immediately called Wang Xiaocui, who was accompanying him to the hospital, to notify the hospital to “reduce the fire and release the energy”. In order to ensure that his judgment was foolproof, Minister Li hurried to the front desk of the hotel. After checking the phone number left by the tenant Guo Jinsheng, he hurriedly called.

Guo Jinsheng was reading the paper on the stage, the phone was turned off, and naturally he couldn’t get through. With human life at stake, Minister Li kept doing nothing, and immediately found the on-duty phone number of the President’s Office of Dongzhou University on the Internet. On the phone, Minister Li said that Guo Jinsheng, a teacher of your school, was in the room of the Xijing Hotel, and a young lady fell to the ground inexplicably. cell phone. The staff on duty at the school office couldn’t answer, and hung up the phone directly to the office of the School of Biology and Pharmacy. The person who answered the phone was Gong Feng, the deputy dean of the college. Gong Feng also didn’t know if Guo Jinsheng had other mobile phones, so he hurriedly went to several other offices of the college to inquire, but no one knew.

The inquiry failed. After an urgent consultation with the school office, Minister Li analyzed that Guo Jinsheng was likely to come to participate in the international academic conference, so he went straight to the venue.

At this time, Guo Jinsheng was reading the last part of the thesis. As soon as he spoke the first sentence, Minister Li, who was wearing a security uniform, hurriedly jumped onto the podium, took his arm and left. The audience was stunned and looked at each other in dismay, but no one dared to step forward to stop it.

Guo Jinsheng didn’t know what was going on, so he asked in horror, “What, what’s wrong?” Minister Li said, “Your room is dead, come with me!”

In the emergency room of the hospital, doctors and nurses were carrying out intensive rescue, artificial respiration, heart massage, and finally the “purging fire” needle. Ten minutes passed, to no avail. Outside the emergency room, Wang Huaishu squatted on the ground hugging her head and crying, saying that there are old people and children in the family, and his wife must not die, because the sky will collapse.

Minister Li pulled Guo Jinsheng out of the hall, stopped and asked, “Li Lamei fainted in your room and said, what’s going on?”

“What? I don’t know this person. What is she doing in my room?”

“There’s no problem with entering your room. She’s the housekeeper. Have you met with her this morning?”

“No, no. I came out of the room at half past seven.”

Minister Li suddenly thought of the white plastic bottle and asked, “Say, what’s in the bottle?”

“What bottle?”

“That white plastic bottle on the table in your room!”



“My blood sugar is high and I’m on metformin, which lowers blood sugar.”

“Ah! It’s clearly written on ginseng lozenges, why is this?”

“Every time I buy a few tablets of metformin, I can’t bring it with me on a business trip, so I take the pills out and put them in an empty ginseng lozenge bottle.”

“You, you, you are cheating and deceiving others!” Minister Li was furious.

“Quick, let her eat, candy! If you eat candy, you won’t be in a coma because of low blood sugar.” Guo Jinsheng was also jumping in a hurry. At this moment, he realized the seriousness of the problem. If Li Lamei really had an accident due to eating his “ginseng lozenges”, he would be responsible. As for the responsibility, he has no time to think about it at the moment.

It was important to save people, and Minister Li immediately shouted to Wang Xiaocui through his mobile phone: “Don’t, stop purging the fire, eat candy! What she eats is not ginseng, but a first-class melon!”

Guo Jinsheng grabbed Minister Li’s phone: “It’s not a melon, it’s metformin.”

When the problem was clarified, Guo Jinsheng pleaded with Minister Li that he wanted to go back to the hall immediately. After the speaker on the stage finished reading it, he took a break to read the conclusion of the paper for more than a minute. Minister Li grabbed his hand and said, “It’s a shame that you are still a literate person. You don’t know whether you are alive or dead, and you still have the face to babble and fart!”

On their way to Room 302, Guo Jinsheng turned on his mobile phone. After opening it, he couldn’t help shaking all over. On the mobile phone, there were more than 50 missed calls, more than 60 WeChat messages and more than 20 text messages, from the principal, vice-principal, dean, vice-principal, office director, to his wife and daughter. The content of WeChat and SMS are almost the same: where are you now? Is that young woman in your room dead or alive?

In the office building of the School of Biology and Pharmacy, everyone was talking about Guo Jinsheng, “President Guo is usually a decent person, but what kind of tendons are not tense this time?!”

In the emergency room of the hospital, doctors and nurses removed other rescue equipment and began to pour sugar water into Li Lamei’s mouth. With three bowls of concentrated sugar water, Li Lamei opened her eyes. After being confused for more than ten minutes, she jumped out of bed and shouted that she wanted to go back to the hotel, saying that room 302 was only half cleaned, and she had to go back and continue…

In Room 302, Guo Jinsheng lowered his head and said nothing. Minister Li paced back and forth, waiting for news from the hospital. The foreman Wang Xiaocui was young and had never experienced major events. When she was so happy, she forgot to call Minister Li to report her safety, and accompanied Li Lamei back from the hospital not far away.

When Wang Xiaocui and Wang Huaishu accompanied Li Lamei, who was walking steadily, into Room 302, Minister Li and Guo Jinsheng were dumbfounded. Wang Huaishu knelt down at Guo Jinsheng’s feet, kowtowed three times in a row, and muttered to himself: “Hua Tuo, Hua Tuo is alive, three bowls of sugar water saved my wife’s life…” Li Lamei She covered her face and hid in shame, crying. For Guo Jinsheng to be able to come back alive, he undoubtedly avoided a trouble, so he hurriedly lifted Wang Huaishu up, and said repeatedly: “My fault, it’s all my fault, why shouldn’t I use ginseng lozenges to pack metformin in a bottle? …”

Guo Jinsheng thought that a misunderstanding had just passed, but he did not expect what happened next.

The next morning, Guo Jinsheng was packing things in his room and was about to go to the front desk to check out and check out. Wang Huaishu led Li Lamei to knock on the door. After entering the room, Wang Huaishu begged Guo Jinsheng: “President Guo, you are a good person. You can’t be a good person. You can do it all the way. The hotel held a meeting last night, saying that my wife stole food from the guests and would be fired. It’s useless for me to ask for mercy, now I can only ask you to come forward.”

“It’s not mainly my fault, I’m really not good at talking!” Guo Jinsheng was very embarrassed.

“My wife is responsible, and she should never steal food from guests, but aren’t you responsible? You use ginseng bottles to pack life-threatening medicines, what’s the matter?” Wang Huaishu suddenly slammed down Face.

“I’m just trying to make things easier, is this also wrong?” Guo Jinsheng tried his best to defend.

“You put everything else in your bag and carry it with you. Why do you leave a bottle on the table alone? Isn’t this a temptation?” Wang Huaishu’s voice rose three points.

“The bottle is bulging, and it’s inconvenient to put it in a handbag! Besides, the room is my room, and it’s my right to put anything in it!”

“President Guo, since your words are unreasonable, and I’m also rude, if I’m fired, I’m a rural woman, anyway, I’ll go to your university all day to sue you, saying that you have bad intentions, Deliberately digging a trap and letting me jump in…” Li Lamei joined in.

Guo Jinsheng was suddenly stunned.

In the end, Guo Jinsheng agreed to go to the hotel personnel department to intercede in person. In the personnel department, Guo Jinsheng did everything he could, and spent nearly an hour in the process. Seeing his sincerity, the personnel manager had no choice but to promise not to fire people, but to deduct the salary of the current month as an example.

On the way to take Guo Jinsheng to the subway station, Wang Huaishu said with a smile: “President Guo, you are a good person, you have to be a good person to the end, it is not easy for me and Lamei to make some money, you see, yesterday’s rescue of more than 300 yuan Fei and Lamei’s salary this month…”

Guo Jinsheng glanced at Wang Huaishu, but did not speak for a long time.

“How much is it in total?” Guo Jinsheng spoke to Wang Huaishu who was chasing after him when he was about to step into the subway station.

“Two thousand and eight in total.”

Guo Jinsheng opened his handbag, counted a stack of money, and handed it to Wang Huaishu…

The day before the professional title was assessed, the school’s personnel department received an anonymous report letter, exposing that Guo Jinsheng used the opportunity to stay in a hotel on a business trip to drug the young and beautiful waitress, and he was conspiring to do something wrong. The director of personnel immediately found Guo Jinsheng and asked him to give a written explanation. Guo Jinsheng dismissed it, he wrote down what happened, and called Minister Li’s mobile phone to clarify. The matter should have ended here, but Guo Jinsheng never expected that when the Director of Personnel was about to leave, he asked one more sentence with a smile: “President Guo, in such a case, did your thesis reading be affected?”

“It didn’t have much impact, but the last paragraph was pulled down by the hotel staff before I had time to read it.”

“What’s the last paragraph?”

“The conclusion part is only five or six sentences.”

“You went to read the paper, read the previous experimental conditions and process, but did not read the conclusion?”

“The experimental conditions and process have been said, and the conclusion is about to come out!”

The Director of Personnel paused and left silently.

The next day, Guo Jinsheng was informed that he had not passed the pre-assessment of the subject group. It turned out that after repeated discussions, the experts of the subject group agreed that an academic report with no conclusion was incomplete, so it was not approved.

After being eliminated, Guo Jinsheng called the Director of Human Resources and said that he would report the matter of Vice President Gong Feng of the next office. The head of the personnel department was very nervous. Vice President Gong just passed the pre-assessment yesterday, and tomorrow he will go to the school for the final evaluation.

Entering the office, Guo Jinsheng said that he was brushed off, it was completely bad luck, and he could only admit it. But three months later, the province will come to check his provincial key discipline (under preparation), two old professors retired half a year ago, and there is not even a single professor in the discipline. Temporarily), I just waited for the professor to comment and then went to “temporary”, but unfortunately, during a trip to Xijing, I played a good hand to a pulp. For the development of the discipline, he strongly suggested that the school must focus on the issue of the professor title of Vice Dean Gong. If he fails to evaluate it again, the task of “funding” will be lost this year due to the lack of professors as leaders in the discipline.

The next day, Gong Feng was rated as a professor.

Three days after the announcement, the school confirmed Gong Feng as the academic leader.

Guo Jinsheng was not rated as a professor, and he lost his (temporary) position as a subject leader, and he became much more low-key in the academy.

Get up from where you fall. Guo Jinsheng is in charge of the teaching management of the college. In addition to taking every course by himself and keeping the teaching work in good order, he has to go online every two or three days to check which universities in China will hold international academic conferences in the future, and prepare to read them again. Thesis, the second time to hit the title of professor a year later.

Once bitten by a snake, he was afraid of the rope for ten years. Learning from the heavy lesson of Xijing last time, Guo Jinsheng no longer participates in too many social activities, and only focuses on two things in his spare time: one is to go to the Jinming Lake in the city to listen to the old people singing bangzi opera. Guo Jinsheng’s grandmother used to be a part of the Bangzi Opera Troupe in the county town, and she was so fascinated by her eyes and ears that he became one of the few people in this age group who could sit down and listen to old operas. Light” column. The traffic station is not the traffic station of Dongzhou City. It was opened in Jintai, a neighboring city more than 60 kilometers away. Guo Jinsheng used to drive and never listened to the radio. On the afternoon when the personnel office informed him that he was eliminated from the subject group, he was a little dazed on the way home. In order to divert his attention, he turned on the radio, which happened to be the “City Lights” column of Jintai. The hostess of the column is Qian Wen, and she tells all the short jokes of parents in the society, with real-time traffic information interspersed in the middle. Guo Jinsheng drove all the way, listened all the way and laughed all the way. Before Qian Wen’s five paragraphs were finished, the car arrived at the gate of the community. When he got home, his wife saw him smiling and hurriedly asked him if the professor had rated it? Guo Jinsheng waved his hand: “Wait, wait, I’ll tell you a joke first, or I’ll forget it in a while…”

Five months later, Xijing University once again held an international academic conference at the Xijing Hotel, and Guo Jinsheng signed up again. However, this time, although he paid all the membership dues, he had a lesson from the past. Instead of staying at the Xijing Hotel, he found a small inn nearby for the night. The first thing Guo Jinsheng did when he woke up the next morning was to put the bottle of ginseng lozenges into his briefcase. On the way from the inn to the meeting, every three or five hundred meters he walked, he had to touch the briefcase to check whether the bulging plastic bottle had been left in the guest room.

The academic conference passed smoothly.

One evening when he got off work, Gong Feng came to Guo Jinsheng’s office and said he wanted to invite him to dinner. Guo Jinsheng readily agreed. The two drove to the hotel with laughter listening to Qian Wen’s column all the way. After half an hour of changing the cups, Gong Feng said that he was going to be transferred and asked Guo Jinsheng to support him during the college affairs meeting.

“President Gong, you have just been appraised as a professor for half a year, and you have been identified as a subject leader by the school. In addition, the provincial key subject has also been approved. Why do you want to leave?”

“Another university has a good academic foundation and many projects, which is more suitable for my academic development.”

“You are three years younger than me, and you are young and promising. If you take everyone to work for three or five years, the foundation of our discipline will also improve.”

Gong Feng was silent for a long time, picked up the glass and touched Guo Jinsheng: “Brother, let me tell you the truth, the other party gave you a house of 142 square meters, plus 500,000 scientific research start. fee……”

In the past few months, in order to welcome the provincial expert group to proofread key disciplines to “raise” the inspection, teachers of all disciplines have worked hard to work overtime, because the index of “leader of key disciplines” has the most weight during the inspection, including Guo Jinsheng Including the work achievements of many teachers are counted on Gong Feng’s head. In just half a year, Gong Feng published five core papers and won two provincial scientific research projects. It was because of these achievements that he was spotted by a well-known university in the south.

“Brother, there are two major disciplines in our college. Dean Wang is a professor, but he belongs to another discipline. In our discipline, once you leave, there will be no professor as the leader of the discipline. You can see if you can do it this year. At the end of the year, the province will also conduct an acceptance check on our key disciplines, and after the acceptance check is over, no accident, I should also be rated as a professor, and then I will take your class and you will leave.”

Gong Feng did not speak.

“It’s only half a year from the end of the year, we’ve worked together for many years, brother, give me a face!” Guo Jinsheng poured a teacup of wine, raised his neck and lifted his mouth.

Gong Feng still didn’t speak.

Guo Jinsheng grabbed the remaining half bottle of wine and drank it directly.

“For the sake of my brother, I’ll wait another half a year!”

“Okay! The gold won’t lose its luster for half a year!” After saying this, Guo Jinsheng sat down, but he sat on the corner of the chair and fell to the ground on his back with a bang.

On the way back, Guo Jinsheng asked the driver to turn on the radio, listening, laughing and vomiting all the way…

After listening to Qian Wen’s “City Lights” many times, the careful Guo Jinsheng found several mistakes. After thinking about it several times, he couldn’t help but write a letter to Jintai Radio. In the letter, Guo Jinsheng said that he was a loyal listener of “City Lights”. He found three mistakes in the listening, and wrote a letter to correct them. The person who takes a bath in the car is wrong. It is to teach the prince the official position of politics, literature and science, and he does not read “xi” and read “xian” when “washing”. Second, Qian Wen once said that the Bangzi operas in Dongzhou and Jintai are the most vocal. Authentic and authentic, it is not right. Dongzhou and Jintai have Bangzi opera, Henan has it, Shandong has it, Shanxi has it, and Hebei has it. Some are euphemistic and some are sonorous. He encouraged young people to smell the chicken and dance, saying that in the morning, the photosynthesis is the strongest, and the oxygen in the air is the most, which is good for the body. This is also not true. In a day, the time period when the photosynthesis is the strongest should generally be from ten to eleven in the morning and from two to five in the afternoon…

When Qian Wen received the letter, she was very moved. She wanted to reply and thank her, but the end of the letter only marked “A Loyal Listener in Dongzhou”. Qian Wen is a person who does not give up until the goal is achieved, so she took the letter and turned to two loyal listeners who were engaged in criminal investigation. After more than an hour of reasoning and research, the two criminal policemen gradually came to a conclusion: the characters are well written, either a cadre or a teacher; familiar with opera, the age should be over 50 years old; understanding of photosynthesis, the major should be very close to biochemistry ;Knowing that the prince’s horse washing is not a person who bathes the prince’s car, but an official position, and he knows that “wash” does not read “xi” and reads “xian”, he must be an intellectual with a senior professional title… Based on the above analysis, the two criminal police finally locked , the writer should be a male professor in his fifties related to biology at Eastern State University.

Guo Jinsheng successfully passed the pre-evaluation of the subject group. At 2:00 p.m., the school judges will make a grand final evaluation.

At ten o’clock in the morning, in the corridor of the office building of the School of Biology and Pharmacy, a young girl walked in. Guo Jinsheng just came out of the bathroom and glanced at the person who was thirty meters away – holding a bunch of colorful flowers, shawl and long hair hanging down to his waist, wearing bright red high-heeled shoes, wearing a blue fashionable suit, walked in like a graceful fairy Office next door. Guo Jinsheng walked into his office and was about to sit down when a conversation between the two came from next door. After listening to a few words, the voice was so familiar, Guo Jinsheng’s hair suddenly stood up, is it Qian Wen? Did she come to find her?

In the afternoon, the judges are about to start the evaluation, so don’t make any more noise. Guo Jinsheng thought for a while, then hurriedly wrote a note, closed the door quietly, and quietly went downstairs from the other side of the corridor.

“Excuse me, who are you looking for?” the office staff asked Qian Wen.

“Please ask, does your college have a male professor in his fifties?”

The office staff thought for a moment: “There are two professors in our college. Dean Wang is fifty-nine this year, so it shouldn’t be him. The other is our vice dean, who is still two years away from fifty.”

“Can you please take me to visit this vice president, I’ve been looking for him for almost a month.”

The office staff took Qian Wen to Gong Feng’s office. Gong Feng’s eyes lit up when he saw that it was a beautiful woman who came in.

“Professor, the person who said the prince washed (xi) horses has come to apologize to you!” Qian Wen smiled shyly.

“What? What kind of horse is the prince washing?” Gong Feng was extremely surprised.

“Professor, you are really joking, you wrote me a letter!”

“Write a letter…” Gong Feng was stunned.

People in the corridor didn’t know what was going on, and they all gathered around to watch the fun. Qian Wen and Gong Feng exchanged seven or eight sentences, knowing that they were in the wrong place, and embarrassedly prepared to leave with flowers in their hands.

“Wait!” Gong Feng stopped her, “Tell me, what are the characteristics of the person you are looking for?”

“Besides the majors related to biology, the handwriting is very good, and he also understands drama!”

“The person you’re looking for isn’t me, it’s Director Guo. He writes well, and he often goes to the lake to listen to old people singing bangzi opera.”

In the crowd, a staff member interjected: “In the classroom, Dean Guo often used old dramas to teach students a lesson, saying that in life, you should strive to be the protagonist, but you can’t be the protagonist, but you can be a good supporting role, you can’t be a clown, and you can’t be a villain.”

The crowd laughed.

“How old is he?” Qian Wen asked.

“Under fifty-two.”

“It’s him, can you take me to see him?”

Gong Feng smiled and asked, “Could you take the liberty to ask, what is your relationship with Lao Guo?”

Qian Wen also replied with a smile: “I can’t tell you this! It should be up to him later!”

Until lunch time, Qian Wen did not wait for Guo Jinsheng. Later, the office staff opened the door of Guo Jinsheng’s office and found a note, “Toothache, I went to the hospital.”

Can’t wait for anyone, Qian Wen left behind flowers and left in anger.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, I received an email in the reporting e-mail box set up by the Personnel Department, reporting that Guo Jinsheng had hooked up with the coquettish and coquettish women in the society, and even wrote nasty letters to others. had a very bad impact. Such a person, even if he is not a villain, is definitely a clown, not worthy of being a university professor…

The director of personnel hurriedly called Guo Jinsheng, and the mobile phone was turned off… At 3:30 in the afternoon, just as Guo Jinsheng turned on his mobile phone, he received a call from the director of personnel.

“Old Guo, I’ve been looking for you for almost two hours. It’s about to vote. We received a report letter about you again. The principal wants you to give us the woman’s phone number, and we’ll ask her to verify the report. Hurry up!”

“I really don’t know her phone number?”

“Old Guo, when is it all, what are you hiding? We have been colleagues for decades. I believe you are fine, but the procedure has to go!”

“I really don’t know her phone number…”

In the evening, Guo Jinsheng got the news that the big judges voted, and he failed by two votes.

It was widely rumored in the academy that Gong Feng did this report on Guo Jinsheng, in order to squeeze Guo Jinsheng out and take over as the dean. Guo Jinsheng sat in the office for more than an hour after hearing about it. Guo Jinsheng pondered, he and Gong Feng had an agreement, and it would never be him.

As for who, God knows.

Two months later, Gong Feng left Eastern State University and went to work as a distinguished professor at a famous university in the south. Only Guo Jinsheng was the only one in the academy to see him off. The two did not speak along the way, but turned on the radio to tune to the “City Lights” column, listening and laughing all the way.

When they got out of the car, they both had tears in their eyes.

In a flash, the year is coming to an end, and the annual welcome season is here. Due to the epidemic, the school was more than a month late in welcoming new students. Less than half a month after the orientation, the school will start the annual application for the title of professor.

At the registration site of the freshmen, the top dean recruited from across the country personally went out and led three vice deans to the reception point to express condolences to the parents and freshmen who came from afar. Guo Jinsheng arrived ten minutes earlier than other hospital leaders, five or six meters from the reception point, and suddenly saw a beautifully dressed woman in the crowd interviewing a student mother. Guo Jinsheng took a closer look, his eyes were as round as lanterns.

The interviewer Qian Wen and the interviewee Li Lamei are also.

“Excuse me, your home is more than 1,000 kilometers away from Dongzhou, why did you send your daughter to this university to study?”

“The teachers at this university are not bad.”

“My daughter just came to report today, how do you know that the teachers at this university are not bad?”

“I know a teacher surnamed Guo, who is really nice! I sent my daughter here, so I can ask him for help…”

“I also know this person, and we’ll find him together later, and we will do an interview together…”

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