Cherish your negative emotions

  A friend not long ago a big split like cross-industry to change jobs, together with dinner chat, she said she always feel that their state is not right.
  It was hard to get out of the unit that started sitting and waiting for the end of the day from 11:00 pm, and joined a start-up Internet company as expected to make a big difference, but after going there, I realized that in addition to the endless work, anxiety, irritability, self-doubt and other negative emotions also followed. “Did I choose the wrong one? Am I not capable enough? What should I do if this continues?” Such emotions keep growing, and although she doesn’t break down, she always feels that things shouldn’t be like this.
  It’s funny, whether it’s anxiety or depression, sadness or jealousy, whatever emotion is labeled as “negative”, as soon as it pops up, we instinctively have to put everything else aside to deal with it first. But emotions, or negative emotions, is really the worst sin, everyone “to be killed”, the more it will be driven away the better? Not necessarily.
  If you think back to all the major decisions or turning-point choices you’ve made in your life, you’ve probably had a lot of negative emotions involved.
  In high school, you got angry because you heard your teacher announce the rankings and realized you were at the bottom of a few of your best friends, and suddenly you were terrified of being left behind by them – that was fear.
  In my junior year, I gave up my “date” with the Duke of the week and went to the library for morning study every day because I heard that the employment situation was tough and I felt unsure when I thought of the graduation season which was not far away – that was anxiety.
  Determined to spend a weekend to revise the resume, gritting my teeth and clicking send, because I can’t stand the “strange” colleagues and speechless bosses – that’s torment.
  We often think that the key to action is to think, but in fact it is not. Without the push of emotions, thinking will most likely stay in the stage of fantasy, and then end in nothing.
  Recently I was watching “Journey to the West”, and I was particularly impressed by a small fragment in the 14th round: the Wukong was nagged by the Tang monk for killing six robbers who blocked the road, and he decided to go back to Mount Huaguo in a fit of rage. In the East China Sea by the old Dragon King persuaded some, his brain and turn around to chase the Tang monk, on the way to meet the Bodhisattva Guanyin. Knowing what happened, Guanyin said a very interesting words: “rush to go early, do not miss the idea.”
  I saw this paragraph actually secretly relieved, so not only me and other mundane people need “a hot brain” boost ah.
  The so-called power of action, it is not really thoughtful and calculated after each step and then take, but the idea first, regardless of the first start, and then only crawl, little by little to step out of the road to go.
  Let us avoid the negative emotions, but also the strongest force to help. It is these negative emotions that drive us to grit our teeth and move forward on the road we choose – if we can spend our days in a satisfied pleasure, who does not want to “lie flat”?
  Cherish your negative emotions, you are stronger than you think, it will make you a better person.

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