Burning Man: A Playful Escape from the Ordinary

  When Jobs was working in a video game company, he was always restless and felt that he was missing some insights into life. So he went to India and wandered for seven months. Musk came to the United States from South Africa via Canada and did not go to India. However, in the past 20 years, he went to a desert called Black Rock in Nevada to spend a few days almost every year to participate in the “burning people” activity.
  The so-called Burning Man (Burning Man, translated as “Burning Man”) is a large group of people from all over the world (calling themselves Burners, and the number of burners has reached 70,000 or 80,000 in recent years). Every year on Labor Day (the first day in September) Monday) A few days ago, I went to the Black Rock Desert and renovated wood to build a giant shelf, and placed a 12-meter-tall wooden frame man (called “the Man”) on the top of the shelf.
  These tens of thousands of people wandered around in the desolate and hot desert for eight or nine days, and then evacuated collectively on Labor Day. By the way, on the Saturday night before the evacuation, they burned the giant wooden frame and the wooden man on it with a fire. In fact, they really burned down the Man.
  In the eyes of pragmatic people, all this is just a matter of having enough to support yourself, looking for trouble, and bringing it to your own fault. Think about it, if you don’t do a good job and don’t stay at home, you are really ineffective. If you have to long for poetry and distant places, where are not tourist attractions and resorts with all modern facilities? Why spend a lot of money (tickets to Burning Man range from hundreds to thousands of dollars) and go to a deserted place to buy something?
  no Zuo no Die. This is an extremely clever way of doing things that a sensible person summed up by absorbing the inheritance from generations and adapting to the current situation. Those who do not obey will bear the consequences at their own risk. No, the Black Rock Desert, which had not seen a cloud for half a year, actually started pouring rain on the heads of more than 70,000 incinerators who were enjoying themselves.
  The Black Rock Desert is actually a dried up lake bottom, so the rainwater that falls accumulates, turning the Black Rock into a puddle. The so-called sand is actually dust. Once it rains, it turns back into silt. For a time, Black Rock City, a city with more than 70,000 people, turned into a world of mud. The mud is stuck to the uppers and soles of the shoes and cannot be shoveled away. It is thick, heavy and slippery, making it impossible to stand or walk. Except for a few four-wheel drive high-horsepower off-road vehicles, most vehicles were stuck in the mud and could not move.
  For a time, 70,000 people were stranded and burned in the desert, which became the headline news of major media, and the presidential primary election, which officially started on Labor Day, had to take second place. Seeing the mud-covered tents, vehicles and burnt people, people’s gloating instantly disappeared, and instead they felt compassion. Moreover, is it really harmful rather than helpful to play with burning people?
  Didn’t Lao Zhuang also pursue a happy escape from the world, didn’t Li Bai also advocate Bailu Qingyan? It was only because Confucius, who was pragmatic, was regarded as orthodox, that things that had no direct output (such as business) were obliterated. The most wonderful output is often invisible and intangible, so it cannot be forced out by drawing circles and strict rules.
  As soon as Jobs arrived in India, he suffered from severe dysentery and lost 50 pounds in less than a week. Moreover, the Buddhist master he wanted to meet had long since passed away, but he still wandered around the Indian countryside for more than half a year. He later insisted that this time was not wasted, but helped him understand the true meaning of intuition and simplicity. A candy bar iPhone not only attracted a large number of crazy men and women, but also changed the way people live in the world.
  Musk is also quite cool. It seems that he didn’t go to Burning Man this year, thus escaping the mud. However, he still did not forget to send an The inspiration really comes from the Burning Desert.