Beauty neck defense

As the saying goes, the neck is the woman’s second business card, which is about her beauty. Where is the most old woman? The first thing that many people think of is the eye pattern. Compared with the eye pattern, it is more likely to expose the age of the neck.

The beauty of neck health is very important. Some middle-aged and old ladies are elegant and generous, but the charm of the neck is not enough. The neckline is deep, which is like a crack on a delicate porcelain. It is a pity. The neck is ergonomically a “trivial triangle”. The skin of the neck is very thin and fragile. The amount of sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the front of the neck is only one-third of the face, and the secretion of sebum is less. It is difficult to maintain moisture. It is easier to dry, so it is easy to produce wrinkles. To go to this problem, you must pay attention to the neck beauty treatment.

Neck Gymnastics Method: It is simple and convenient to practice neck exercises at home. It is easy to beautify the neck and make the skin elastic. At the same time, for sedentary women, it can also reduce the fatigue of the neck and neck. In the first step, turn the neck alternately around the front, back, left and right, and move the head to the chest forward, and try to be parallel to the ground as far as possible. When stretching left and right, try to stretch the muscles as much as possible. In the second step, turn the head from left to right in a circular motion, and then do it again from right to left. This method is very helpful for relieving pain in the neck and neck. In the third step, the palms of both hands are up and alternately pulled from the clavicle to the lower bar. This will relieve the skin’s falling condition.

Massage method: Available in three positions: supine, sitting and standing. The left and right palms alternately lightly neck from the bottom to the top, and the light can be extended to the left and right necks, the front of the shoulders and the upper chest. Active neck size vascular cells, accelerate microcirculation flow, remove neck virus, toxins, remove neck vascular waste, fat, and excrete it.

Dry rubbing method: In the bath, you can use a soft cotton towel to dry the neck skin from bottom to top, but the action should be gentle, dry and then clean, once a week, can also help the neck epidermis update.

Honey massage method: Honey is rich in nutrients, which can restore the dry and hard skin of the aged horny skin. In a small spoonful of honey, add 2~3 drops of camellia oil and lemon juice, apply it to the neck and neck for 10 minutes, then The head reveals the neck and massages the neck and neck from the bottom to the left and right hand. Because the neck and neck are exposed to the wind and the sun every day, it is easy to dry, lose elasticity, and finally produce wrinkles, relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation. This method is very effective.

Acupoint method: First take the upright position, you can also use your hands to support the ground, turn the neck to the left and right side, pay attention to the turning head when reviewing, focus on turning the neck to see your left and right shoulders. Rotate 10 times each day, so that you can move your neck and neck first, then massage the big acupoints, keep the blood flow in the big acupoints, the circulation of the neck and shoulders will be guaranteed, the skin of the neck will be Can restore the state it deserves. The method of taking the Daxue point finds the seventh cervical vertebra, which is the highest bone tip in the lower part of the cervical vertebra, and the lower one of the bone tips is the spinous process of the first thoracic vertebra, which is about two from the bone joint under the spinous process of the first thoracic spine. The muscle depression in the horizontal direction, here is the big acupoint. The general massage for about 5 minutes can not only relieve the discomfort of the neck and neck, but also maintain the skin of the neck and neck.

Having a good habit is also an important step in the “Neck Warfare”. Sit straight, stand up, usually shake your head in your leisure, stretch your neck and waist. The ancients said “sit back and relax”, but if you really care about the beauty of your neck, don’t raise your pillow when you sleep, it is easy to make horizontal wrinkles in the neck of the front neck. Remember to wear a scarf when you go out, so as not to make the skin of your neck dry and dry. In daily life, we must avoid these bad habits. Love the neck needs to be done at ordinary times.

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