Be wary of call bloat

  Correct words are not as good as absurd expressions, and rigorous logic is not as good as exaggerated voices. This reflects the lack of thinking and inertia of a considerable number of modern people, and it also makes people feel the increasingly serious social friction and anxiety on the Internet.

  Saussure, the father of modern linguistics, said: “Language constitutes our world, not merely records or marks it. Meaning is always ascribed to objects or ideas through the human mind, constructed and expressed by language .” In a way, language is not only semiotics, but also a social psychology. Recently, a screen-swiping video titled “On Today’s Telephone Expansion” has added the concept of economics to the language.
  The video uses “Ha” as an example to analyze call inflation. In the WeChat group, if someone posts something funny, if you don’t reply with “I can’t laugh anymore hahahahaha” but just “haha”, people will definitely be suspected of being perfunctory and insincere. It is even more difficult to express compliments. Praising people only says “good”, it will definitely not work, you need to end with four “ah” and “absolutely”; if you want to say “delicious”, you have to use it in a sentence Metaphors, synaesthesia, onomatopoeia and other rhetoric – “storm-style inhalation stomp jiojio”.
  100% of the emotions in reality must be expressed in 200% of the language on the Internet, otherwise it will become a “typewriter without emotion”-language will depreciate.
  From the perspective of social psychology, fragmentation brings emotion, and emotion contributes to call expansion. Modern people, who are bombarded by high-density emotions every day, have such a high emotional threshold, how can they feel happy in the two “ha” characters? Just as a video without a high concentration of emotion cannot retain viewers, it is also difficult to empathize with a text without a “rococo” structure.
  From a personal psychological point of view, call inflation is a shortcut to satisfy the sense of group belonging. In online communication, you can’t hear the tone, and you can’t see the expression. People in society are always worried that the words will not convey the meaning, and no one wants to become the “period king”. At this time, those complex sentence patterns become social currency, the extreme expression allows people to quickly capture emotions, nonsensical sentence patterns activate the communication atmosphere, and the convergence of personal psychology also makes these sentences have the power of communication. become a phenomenon.
  These two reasons can explain not only call inflation, but also austerity—the same goes for the once-popular craze for abbreviations such as YYDS (Forever God) and DDDD (Know Everything). It can be said that the language expression of the Internet is now divided into two steps: the first step is extremeization, no matter whether it is extremely complicated or extremely simple;
  These two steps just reflect the “speechlessness” of modern people. Because of indifference, it is difficult to feel the ordinary and timeless beauty; because I am lazy to think, I am even more lazy to organize meticulous writing; because I am afraid of loneliness, I choose to be self-ambiguous and become a member of the hot stalks.
  Internet language is not terrible, and it is cute in many cases, but the backlash of Internet language has to be vigilant. Today, correct words are not as good as absurd expressions, and rigorous logic is not as good as exaggerated voices. What we see in the expansion of conversations is the lack of thinking and inertia of a considerable number of modern people, and we also feel the increasingly serious social internal conflicts and anxiety.
  Thinking about it carefully, call inflation, which was originally born to deepen emotions, is the most perfunctory emotional fast food-replying “I can’t laugh anymore” under an interesting circle of friends has become a basic operation in this era. However, in the future, there will be new “Laughing” and “YYDS” born, and there will be new hot memes flooding. Over and over again, what we really lose is the diversity and aesthetics of words.
  In fact, it is very simple to break this cycle, stop replying for the sake of replying, and type eight “ha” casually. Instead, ask yourself a question: What am I trying to say?

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