Asexual reproduction is the future of mankind!

  In 1951, 28-year-old Carl Gerasi synthesized artificial progesterone in his own laboratory. Subsequently, he and Boston pharmacologists Gregory Pinks and John Locke jointly developed the world’s first progesterone in October of that year. A pill. He believes that his career should not be understood as a simple “contraceptive measure.” His purpose is to allow people to get the children they want in the time they have prepared.
  This revolutionary invention not only received praise, but also caused a huge change in the world’s demographics-the phenomenon of “sudden decline in fertility” appeared. Many women choose to develop their careers before considering childbearing, and the number of births of women has also decreased significantly.
  But in fact, this “father of contraceptives” does not want to talk too much about his scientific achievements in inventing oral contraceptives. At the age of 60, he changed from a scientist to a writer, and then to a playwright active in the theater industry. For Gerasi, the intersection of literary works and scientific research is “sex.” It was not until recently that Apple and Facebook announced that they would spend money to freeze eggs for young female employees, which allowed the 91-year-old veteran to speak out for medicine again and openly support this new technology.
  ”Men’s sperm can be stored in the sperm bank for many years and can maintain normal function. Now 3 to 5 million people are conceived and born not through the skin of their parents every year.” Gerasi explained, “Currently needs The solution is the preservation of eggs, and research in this area has made great progress. In the near future, eggs can also be frozen for future use. This is a new breakthrough. In the future, if young couples want to If you have a baby later, you can store the sperm and eggs, and then nurture the baby through the test tube. In this way, one of the couples can be sterilized, so that the woman can get rid of the trouble of taking birth control pills all the year round.”
  The two Silicon Valley technology giants are willing to spend this expensive fee to attract more female talents. Frozen eggs can allow female employees to focus on their careers without delaying their late delivery of babies. “Holding an important job and being a good mother is still not a match for many women in the workplace.” Bridget Adams said. She is one of the supporters of the Egg Freezing Project and the founder of the American “Egg Surance” forum ( “This company’s benefit is to invest in female employees and to support them in pursuing the life they want. After freezing the eggs, the female employees can choose the time to ask for the eggs to be implanted in the uterus, so that even if she can no longer ovulate naturally Pregnancy.”
  San Francisco reproductive medicine expert Philip Channett said that reimbursement of the cost of frozen eggs can be seen as a reward for the professionalism of female employees. With this benefit, women with future conception plans can continue their current lives and know that they are well prepared. Fertility doctors in New York and San Francisco report that the number of frozen eggs almost doubled in the last year. A 2013 survey conducted by the American journal Fertility and Infertility showed that most women who had received egg freezing said they felt that “their rights are protected”.
  The “father of contraceptives” saw the day when contraceptives were no longer needed. Gerasi believes that the concept of sex will change dramatically in ten years, and asexual reproduction will become common by then. The separation of sex and lineage will be widely accepted. The stage play “Taboo-When Harriet Meets Sally” performed at the Brandenburg Academy of Sciences in Berlin in the past few weeks is a peculiar future kinship described by Professor Gerasi, which means that any combination of human genes can be combined in a test tube. Multiply.

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