An overview of n-Hexyltriethoxysilane 18166-37-5

n-Hexyltriethoxysilane, with the chemical formula C12H28O3Si and CAS number 18166-37-5, is an organosilane compound. It consists of a hexyl group attached to a triethoxysilyl functional group. This structure gives n-hexyltriethoxysilane unique properties that make it useful as a reagent and coupling agent.


The triethoxysilyl group makes n-hexyltriethoxysilane highly reactive toward compounds containing hydroxyl groups. When exposed to moisture in the air, the ethoxy groups are hydrolyzed, releasing ethanol and leaving behind a hydrolyzed silanol. These silanol groups can then react with hydroxyl groups on other molecules through condensation reactions, forming siloxane (Si-O-Si) bonds.


This reactivity allows n-hexyltriethoxysilane to function as a coupling agent or surface treating agent. It can react with hydroxyl groups on inorganic substrates like glass, ceramics, and metals to chemically bond organosilane molecules to the surface. The attached hexyl groups then provide organic functionality on the inorganic substrate. This treated surface has improved adhesion  properties for polymers, sealants, and coatings.


n-Hexyltriethoxysilane is a flammable liquid that can cause eye and skin irritation upon contact. Proper precautions should be taken when handling this compound, including use of personal protective equipment, adequate ventilation, and material spill containment.


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