All long-distance relationships often involve one acting in a movie and the other watching a movie

  A fan mentioned the issue of “long distance relationship”. I will tell a story about my youth.
  Conclusion preconditions:
  1. Long-distance relationships are supported by fantasies, and fantasies will inevitably be shattered.
  2. The so-called long-distance relationship is likely to be one acting in a movie and the other watching a movie, not in the same plot at all.
  Three, don’t have long-distance relationships.
  Fourth, the Internet can be a way to meet people, but if you can’t make it in a short period of time, such as within three months or even a month, then forget it. Or if you want to have a long-term long-distance relationship after running out, forget it.
  5. Of course there are counterexamples, and I can cite ten and a half of them myself. But this is not a gamble.
  In the 1990s, China gradually began to have the Internet. There is a young lady who is a programmer. In 1996, she built a very small small circle website. At that time, she was only 23 years old. At that time, there were very, very few people surfing the Internet, so the people who came were IT practitioners and college students. A boy who was in a similar situation to her came on the website, and the two interacted more. Gradually, the boy expressed his admiration for her.
  At that time, the vast majority of Chinese people did not have mobile phones, video calls and other methods, so they chatted by E-mail and telephone for two years. In 1998, the boy was going to study in the United States, and finally had the opportunity to meet the young lady. After meeting, they naturally swore to each other, and then the boy went to the United States, and they started a long-distance relationship.
  I probably went online in 1999 and met a young lady. Long-distance relationships were very common at that time. Countless people from all over the world are connected through the Internet. So the young lady’s long-distance relationship is not surprising.
  In 2004, I met the boy by chance—the boy was about the same age as her, in his thirties at the time. He told a completely different story.
  He said that he was in the distress of preparing for the TOEFL test and applying, and sometimes chatted with the young lady to vent his emotions.
  As soon as we met, he was very dissatisfied with the young lady’s appearance. (Actually, in my opinion, the young lady is pretty good-looking, much prettier than me.) The boy thought that he was going to leave anyway, and it didn’t matter, so he said some polite words.
  Later, when he was in the United States, he occasionally contacted the young lady and said something like “Don’t wait for me”. Around 2001 or 2002, the boy returned to China and started a business in Shenzhen. Miss Sister is in Beijing.
  When the boy went to Beijing, he also asked out the young lady. According to his explanation: sorry. Miss sister has also been to Shenzhen. For the young lady, they are still in a long-distance relationship. The boys are already in love, blind date and one-night stand… It’s very lively.
  All my life, I have never grasped the scale of “speaking or not speaking”. I don’t know what to say and when not to say. But, Miss Sister was still an unmarried girl at that time, just in her early thirties, it is possible for Miss Sister to fall in love and get married. This boy has already wasted her 8 years and should not waste any more. In the past 8 years, in my impression, they have discussed the future.
  Boys are just perfunctory: waiting for graduation, waiting to return to China, waiting for success in starting a business, waiting for buying a house…the willing ones are hooked, love and so on. Of course, a boy can say: It’s not her fault, it’s the Chinese girls’ concept of “single-minded”, “single-minded” and “the sea is dry and the stone is rotten”…
  He clearly said: You don’t have to wait for me.
  But when Chinese girls hear this kind of words, they probably think it is a kind of “test”, and they need to show their sincerity.
  I hesitated again and again, but said it anyway.
  As a result, the young lady stopped interacting with me.
  I hate this boy very much, of course he has been dragged down for a long time. I don’t remember his information now. But my young lady and I met each other many years ago, so of course we never mentioned it.
  Anyway, Miss Sister is still single.
  She is almost fifty.

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