Since she left, Miron has slept in a different place every night: either on a sofa or an armchair in the living room, or curled up on a balcony cushion like a homeless man. And every morning, he would definitely go out to have breakfast—that is, the prison has a release time every day, and let the prisoners go for a walk in the yard, isn’t it? Even if he specifically asked if he was alone, the waiter in the cafe always let him sit at the table for two, and there was an empty chair when he looked up. Every day. The other guests sat at the same table in two or three, some were chatting, some were tasting each other’s food, some were scrambling to pay the bill, while Miron was alone, eating a healthy breakfast by himself: orange juice, honey muesli , double decaffeinated espresso with warm low-fat milk. Of course, he also hopes that there will be someone sitting across from him, joking with him, or rushing to check out, so that he has to struggle to hand the money to the waiter and say, “Don’t take his money! Ivy, give him back the money , I’ll pay the bill!” But he really couldn’t find anyone to eat breakfast with. However, even eating breakfast alone in a cafe is a hundred times better than staying at home.
  When eating breakfast, Miron often observed the guests at other tables. He also eavesdrops on conversations, reads the Sports Supplement, or blankly scans the financial pages to see how Israeli companies’ stock prices rise and fall on Wall Street. Occasionally, someone would come by and ask him for an edition of a newspaper that he had already read. At that time, he will try his best to squeeze out a smile and nod in agreement. At one point, a sexy young mother approached with a stroller and asked him for the day’s front page—a headline about a gang rape in the suburbs. When handing over the newspaper, Miron even said: “Look, what a crazy world our children are born in!” He thought that mentioning the common fate would bring people closer. The distance, but the sexy young woman just gave him a look, and then took the “Health Supplement” without asking.
  Then, on a Thursday, a sweaty fat man came into the cafe and smiled at Miron as soon as he entered, which surprised him a lot. It was Maya who had smiled at him last time. But that was five months ago, when she turned away, and there was no doubt that her smile was full of sarcasm and sarcasm. But the fat man in front of him smiled very kindly, even with a bit of guilt. I saw the fat man making a gesture at a loss, obviously wanting to sit down. Miron almost didn’t think about it, and nodded immediately. So the fat man sat down.
  ”Rubin,” said the fat man, “I’m sorry I’m late. I know we have an appointment at ten o’clock, but this morning the child has been pestering me, and I really can’t get away.” Miron thought, maybe he should tell the fat
  man , he was not Rubin, but he looked at his watch and said, “It’s only ten minutes late, don’t take it to heart.”
  They were silent for a while, and then Miron asked if the child was okay. The fat man replied that it was all right, but he had just changed another kindergarten, and every time she sent her to school, she didn’t want him to leave.
  ”However, don’t worry about me,” the fat man changed the subject and said, “You can’t worry about your own affairs. Well, let’s start talking about business.” Miron took a deep breath and waited for the other party to continue
  ”Listen to me,” said the fat man, “five hundred is too high, give me four hundred. At most four hundred and one, I want six hundred.” ”
  Four hundred and eight,” Miron replied, “at least four hundred and eight , and you need a thousand of them.”
  ”You gotta understand,” said the fat man, “the market is pretty sluggish right now with the recession and everything. Just last night, it was on the news that someone was looking for something in the trash Eat. If you are so persistent, I can only increase the price. But then I can’t sell anything.” ”
  Don’t worry,” Miron said to him, “look for food in the trash can Of those people, one out of every three drives a Mercedes-Benz.”
  This sentence made the fat man laugh out loud. “They told me you were hard to deal with,” he grumbled, laughing.
  ”I’m the same as you,” Miron retorted, “it’s all for making a living.”
  The fat man wiped his sweaty hand on his shirt, then stretched it out, “Four hundred and six,” he said, “Four hundred and six, I want a thousand.” Seeing that Miron didn’t respond, he added , “Four hundred and six, I want a thousand pieces, plus I owe you a favor. You understand better than anyone else, Rubin, in our business, favors cannot be bought with money.” This is what Miron was waiting for
  . Hearing what the fat man said, he grabbed the other’s outstretched hand and shook it. For the first time in his life, he was owed a favor by someone who thought he was Rubin. After eating, they started to rush to check out, which made Mi Long feel a warm feeling in his heart. In the end, he was one-tenth of a second faster than the fat man, and put the crumpled bill into the waitress’s hand first.
  After that day, it became almost a routine for Miron: find a table, order food, and keep an eye out for any new customers who walk into the café. If the person looked expectant and started looking for someone in the cafe, Miron would immediately wave his hand and invite the person to sit across from him.
  ”I don’t want to take this to court,” a bald man with bushy eyebrows told him.
  ”I don’t want to either,” Miron backed off, “It’s better to be private, so as not to hurt your friendship.” ”
  Tell you, I don’t want to work the night shift!” A woman who had undergone lip augmentation surgery and dyed her hair blond said aggressively .
  ”Then what do you think? Everyone else has to work the night shift, except you?” Miron muttered back.
  ”Gabby asked me to tell you he’s sorry,” said a guy with a mouthful of rotten teeth and an earring in one ear.
  ”If he’s really sorry,” Miron said, “he should have come and told me in person, not through a middleman!
  ” red-haired woman complaining.
  ”And you don’t feel as picky as you are in reality.” Miron replied.
  For some reason, everything worked out in the end: Miron had an affair with the bald guy; the woman who had lip augmentation agreed to let her sister babysit her so she could work the night shift once a week; the guy with the rotten teeth Guaranteed to get Gabi to call Miron; the red-haired woman and Miron agree that they’re not quite right for each other. As for the breakfast, sometimes the other party paid, sometimes Miron paid, but the time with the red-haired woman was shared between the two. It was all so interesting that Miron would be very disappointed if no one sat across from him for a whole morning. Fortunately, this rarely happens.
  Almost two months have passed since the sweaty fat man appeared. That day, a pockmark came to the cafe. Although the man had a pockmarked face and looked at least ten years older than Miron, he looked very personable and charming. As soon as he sat down, he said: “I thought you would definitely not show up.”
  ”We agreed to meet,” replied Miron.
  ”Yeah,” Mazi said with a sad smile, “It’s just that after yelling at you like that on the phone, I was worried that you would retreat.” “I’m here.” Miron said provocatively

  ”I’m sorry, I yelled at you on the phone,” Mazi apologized, and then said, “I’m really sorry, I really can’t control myself. But, every word I said on the phone was serious—— You should understand? Please don’t see her again.”
  ”But I love her.” Miron choked up.
  ”You can love someone or something, but sometimes you have to give it up,” Mazi said, “Listen to someone a few years older than you, sometimes you really have to give up.” “I’m sorry
  , “Miron said, “I can’t do it.”
  ”You can do it,” Mazi said, “not only can you do it, but you must do it, there is no choice. Maybe, we both love her, but I happen to be Her husband. I don’t allow you to destroy my family, understand?”
  Miron shook his head. “You don’t know what kind of life I’ve lived in the past year,” he said to Mazi, “it’s like being in hell. Even worse than being in hell, it’s more like being in a boundless nothingness , can’t see anything. When something pops up after you’ve been doing this for so long, and then, you really can’t let go of it. You can understand that feeling, right? I know you can. ”
  Mazi bit his lower lip. “If I see her again,” he said, “I’ll kill you. I mean it, you can tell.” ”
  Then kill me,” said Miron, shrugging his shoulders, “I’m not afraid. Anyway People are going to die sooner or later.”
  Mazi on the opposite side of the table suddenly leaned forward and punched Miron hard on the jaw. This was the heaviest punch Miron had ever suffered in his life. He suddenly felt a burning pain in the middle of his face, and then the pain began to spread in all directions. A few seconds later, he found himself falling to the ground, and the pockmark was standing nearby and looking down at him.
  ”I’m going to take her out of here!” Mazi yelled while kicking Milong’s stomach and side, “I’m going to take her far away, to another country, so you can’t find her. You’ll never see her again , Did you hear that, you bloody scum!”
  The two waiters jumped on Mazi, and it took a lot of effort to pull him away from Milong. Someone yelled at the bar to tell the waiter to call the police. Miron pressed his face to the cold ground, watching Mazi escape from the cafe. A waiter leaned over and asked him if he was okay. Miron tried hard to answer, but couldn’t make a sound.
  ”Should I call an ambulance?” the attendant asked.
  Miron replied softly with difficulty: “No need.” “Are you sure?” the waiter insisted, “You’re bleeding.” Miron nodded slowly and closed his eyes. He tried to imagine himself with the woman he had never met, and almost succeeded. At this moment, he suddenly felt pain all over his body-he felt that he was still alive.