Achieving Serenity: Tips for a Peaceful State of Mind

  I like and yearn for a state that is called serenity.
  Living is a troublesome thing. There are more times of anxiety, impatience, and indignation, but less time for peace, tranquility, and composure.
  People who often complain that they don’t understand themselves are confused. Everyone desires, which just shows that understanding is not easy, and being understood is even more difficult. Endless complaints, understanding, debates, and yelling to seek understanding will only scare people away.
  Not understanding itself should be understandable. Understanding “not understanding” is the beginning of understanding and the premise of seeking understanding. You can’t even understand why others don’t understand you, how can you understand others? How can a person who doesn’t understand others ask for understanding from others?
  Don’t rely too much on language, don’t always try to gain the upper hand in language, the fact that language can’t be solved can be solved. If language unravels facts and does not unravel them, language will lose its value, or even add chaos. People who speak with facts can be at peace.
  Don’t think that if you have this, you will have that, don’t think that if you have fame, you will have reputation, don’t think that if you have achievements, you will have happiness, and don’t think that if you have power, you will have prestige. Don’t think that if one thing is done well, the next thing must be done well.
  Tranquility belongs to the strong, while arrogance reveals childishness. Serenity belongs to the wise, and it is ridiculous to be out of breath. Serenity belongs to confidence, and making a lot of noise reveals that you actually don’t have much confidence.
  There are times when tranquility is destroyed, and happiness, anger, sorrow and joy are all human. The question is, can we return to a peaceful state in time when the joy is over, the anger is over, the sorrow is over, the joy is over. If you make noise at every turn, if you don’t move at all, you have to grab a person and argue that you are right. If you ask your spouse, your children, and your subordinates to endlessly prove how good you are, if you see flowers that don’t act according to your own If your wishes don’t come true to your size and you feel sad, you should seek the help of a therapist.
  I often heard a saying in my childhood, describing a person who was in a hurry as “too anxious to catch a scorpion”. If you are right, what is the rush? It’s no use being cranky if you suck. It is abhorrent to pretend to be catching scorpions at every turn, thinking that this appearance can scare people. Aunt Zhao in “A Dream of Red Mansions” is a person who catches scorpions at every turn. We must take her as a warning. A person’s ability may be great or small, at least he doesn’t have to live in such pain and bring so much unhappiness to others.
  For the sake of peace, my experience is:
  1. Get in touch with, pay attention to, appreciate, and linger in nature. High mountains and flowing water, deserts and clouds, sea tides, flowers blooming and falling, seasons ebb and flow.
  Second, appreciate art more, especially music. Can you hear the music? This is generally a sign that you need to see a psychiatrist for consultation.
  3. When things happen, think more about your own shortcomings, and more about the benefits of others. Don’t get stuck in a dead end. Don’t analyze yourself more and more, and others will be more wrong. Don’t always feel that others are sorry for you, don’t open up a hole like a drill, and think that you have opened up the world.
  4. Regardless of whether you are a little bit great or not, you must make it clear that in fact, more than 90% of you are no different from ordinary people. Your physical structure and functions are the same as ordinary people, your eating, drinking, sleeping and sleeping are the same as ordinary people, your language is the same as that of Chinese people, and most of your likes and dislikes are the same as ordinary people. You are not very cool when you are angry, and you are not a gentleman when you are very hungry. It is your blessing that people see you as an ordinary person, and it is your maturity that you see others as the same as you. The more you put on the air, the more childish it becomes, so stop it, my dear!
  5. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, pay attention to the adjustment of the excitatory and inhibitory effects of the cerebral cortex, play when you want to play, let go when you want to play, catch up when you need to, and wait when you need to wait. Never get out of breath, never hoarse.
  6. Be humorous. You must allow others to make jokes about yourself, and you must know how to laugh at yourself. There are many things that feel urgent at the moment, but they are not without humor afterwards. Only when you are humorous can you relax, only when you are relaxed can you be calm, and only when you are calm can you make a good choice. Don’t make the tragic posture so cheap, don’t frighten others to fail for a long time, and finally scare yourself down.
  7. Be silly about small things, forget what should be forgetful, be careless if you should be careless, be unclear about what should be unclear, and the past will be the past. If you can only remember but not forget, only calculate but not overestimate, only know how to observe the autumn and never lose sight of others, only know how to be smart and do not lose things, your function is not complete, you need to take medicine.
  Eighth, and most importantly, there must be more worlds and more interests. It can be writing, doing things, reading, playing cards, logic, imagery, creation, translation, sketches, masterpieces, elegant, unconventional, foreign, earthy, and time-saving Like gold, it can be as leisurely as a feather, it can be light or heavy, it can be out and in, it can be solemn and harmonious, it respects objective laws, requires self-struggle, loses what it loses, and gains it. What else do you want?

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