A Spiritual Journey Through the Mysterious Southwest Ring

In mid-June 2022, I embarked on a trip to the United States, determined to explore the mysterious Southwest Ring that spans six states. A trip to the mysterious giant ring wonders is indeed a must-see trip for spiritual purification in this life.

Route 66, back from the dead

Before entering the giant ring, I first came to Seligman, a representative town on Route 66 in Arizona. Since the 1950s, with the construction of many interstate highways, Route 66 has gradually become a backup alternative road, and even the road number has been transferred and replaced. It was officially abolished in 1985.

Angel Delgadillo is a representative figure in the protection of Route 66 monuments and has accepted more than 200 media interviews. Born in Arizona in 1927, Angel inherited his father’s business and ran a small barber shop. Because of the construction of the new road, Route 66 was suddenly abandoned, which seriously affected the development of the small town and the livelihood of residents. So he established the Association for the Preservation of Historic Highways in 1987, and initiated a joint effort with other states to protect the Route 66 monuments.

After persistent efforts, President Clinton signed the “National Route 66 Protection Act” in 1999, bringing this historically valuable scenic spot — US Route 66 back on the map.

Although Angel is 90 years old, he is in good health and can still ride a bicycle from his residence to meet tourists. It was Father’s Day family gathering that day, and it was a lucky chance. Otherwise, it would be a historical miracle to meet the legendary old man.

Leaving Las Vegas two days before and after, the trip to the Giant Ring can be described as bright and bright, with surprises every step of the way. In front of the Petrified Forest Park formed 200 million years ago, apart from admiring the mysteries of the universe and the insignificance of human beings, all words have already been expressed. superfluous.

The “painted desert” in the early Jurassic period is like a wonderful natural oil painting. As the sun rises, the changing light and shadow also move geometrically on the canvas. The rock formations and landforms reflect each other, creating an inexplicable throbbing feeling born.

Prehistoric grottoes, remains of human cave dwelling

“Prehistoric Cliff Grottoes” National Park is the largest archaeological reserve in the United States to study the life of cliff dwellers, and it is also the most complete historical site in North America that preserves the original culture of Anassas. Human beings have been multiplying and multiplying in the huge rock caves. The faintly visible pictographic patterns record the life of the primitive ancestors, and a history of human evolution that records the group living in caves is displayed before us.

As you enter the spectacular Arches National Park, your horizons suddenly widen. There are more than 2,000 natural boulders of different shapes, which make people feel like they have fallen into the Stone Age. Standing among the majestic mountains and rocks, you and I are like ants.

The “balance stone” resembles the Queen’s head of Yehliu, and the window stone is like an open stone window. The row upon row of strange rocks is like the dense and dense “Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains”, and the towering Cleopatra is discussing with Confucius. road? Why did the Roman legion appear here? Just as he was dazzled by the pyramid in front of him, he turned around and staggered, and the huge fat Maitreya was immediately fascinating!

Is a stone a stone? Is a stone not a stone? In everyone’s fantasy world, it can be in any shape, is it a cloud? Is it a waterfall? Is it a pack of wolves? Or the smiling face of a child?

The exquisite arch in Arches National Park is the most precipitous and magnificent spectacle. In order to capture a rare picture, I did not hesitate to climb a 30-degree stone slope and go back and forth for two miles under the scorching hot rocks in the hot sun of 104 degrees. The mountain road is indeed an extreme challenge of physical strength and perseverance.

At dawn, rush to Canyonlands National Park to capture the beauty of the sunrise. The same sun rises from different mountains, and the changes in skylight and cloud shadows bring a new feeling!

Indian Monument Valley is the eighth wonder of the world, and it is also the Navajo Indian Reserve. It is guided by the local aboriginal driving a jeep. All kinds of boulders naturally become the ancestral spirits guarding the earth. Enjoy the wild Indian flavor in the dust There is something wild about barbecue.

The fifth day’s itinerary is the essence of the journey. In the morning, take a cruise ship to welcome the sun on the narrow and curved Lake Powell in the Glen Canyon. !

Antelope Canyon, the sun shines on the wonders

Visit the Antelope Canyon at noon, take an off-road vehicle and bump all the way in the desert to the entrance of the cave. How does this inconspicuous cave win the favor of tourists from all over the world? It is hard to hide the loss in my heart while being puzzled.

Follow the line and enter the cave, and you will find a different cave between the dark and the bright. Suddenly, the light flashes, and the sunlight and the rock wall refract all kinds of colors. Different angles, heights and luminosity absolutely create a unique work. At this time, I am amazed and the shutter is repeated. , for fear of missing any vision that disappears in an instant.

Looking at the photos on the iPhone, I can’t put it down. The light beam projected at noon, the thousands of coiled silk holes, the turbulent waves at night, the pure brilliance of the Virgin, the profile of a praying girl, the look back of a ferocious giant beast…the vivid scenery proves that Boundless imagination.

Horseshoe Bay is under the 1,000-foot vertical Gran Cliff, where the green Colorado River surrounds the reddish-brown horseshoe-shaped rocks, and then subtly turns into a 270-degree angle, forming a special horseshoe-shaped natural wonder.

At dusk, I came to Kanab, which is known as Little Hollywood in Utah. The director arranged and shot a real-life micro-movie of the US Army fighting the Indians. A group of out-of-control extras strung together into a nonsensical farce, and finally enjoyed delicious cowboys under the hungry stomach. A big meal, the end of a day of playfulness and nonsense.

Entering Bryce Canyon in the early morning of the next day, the majestic stone forest labyrinth, the golden mountain top, the magnificent stone palace, a line of sky, and a concave hole… It can be described as a scene every step, and lingering step by step. Go straight down the arc-shaped trail, and at the bottom of the valley, you will be amazed to see a mother and child tree, as if a mother is embracing a child, without fear between the sky and the earth.

The last stop came to Zion National Park. Compared with the shock of the previous few days, the Sacred Sandstone Valley of Zion is slightly over-named, except for the chessboard mountain, flying eagle rock, deep mountain rocks and clear springs. , others seem to be lackluster, and the reputation of the holy mountain is only mediocre.

When returning from the giant ring, you don’t look at the rocks, but you see all the deserts and giant rocks. The root of your tongue is thirsty, and you have already outlined the next stop in your heart. The Canadian Rocky Mountain Ice Field with a humid climate should be the first choice.