A Lesson from My Past Self: How Reading Widely as a Young Adult Can Empower You to Bravely Seize Career Opportunities

  When you were 18 years old, you went to study in a provincial capital, majoring in accounting. You couldn’t say you were interested in it, nor could you say you disliked it.
  That was the late 1980s.
  At that time, it was popular for girls to knit sweaters. The roommates bought wool of various colors and bamboo needles of different thicknesses and discussed the knitting methods enthusiastically. You also participated actively, but when you looked back every time you knitted, you would always lose one or two stitches, so you gave those balls of thread to your ingenious classmates.
  You often go for walks in the fields around the school, aimlessly; you also often walk in circles on the campus playground, with the sunset filling the sky, the smell of green grass in the air, and your sports-loving classmates running and panting. passing by you. You have a dream in your heart, but you don’t know what it is specifically. You just feel that time is endless and the future never comes.
  One day you suddenly picked up a pen and began to express your inner feelings in the form of prose and poetry, all of which were published in the school magazine. While you are happy, you also feel that your writing power is as clumsy as holding a sweater bamboo needle in your hand – you want to write better, but you don’t know how to improve your writing level.
  Life passed slowly and hurriedly, like this, until after graduation, you stayed in the provincial capital and entered a company. As soon as you entered the door every day, you put on the blue sleeves given to you by the chief of the finance department, and flipped through the pages of account books. , crackling the calculations, making vouchers, making reports, and writing reports.
  When you return to the dormitory after get off work, you will suddenly want to write something. You will write the long-awaited draft on paper, then read it in a low voice while revising it, and then copy it neatly onto the grid paper. The next day, I went to the post office, affixed stamps, and submitted it to the local paper media.
  Every afternoon on working days, the office would receive the evening newspaper from the postman. You would always wait for your colleagues to read it, then pretend to take it in casually, searching carefully page by page. Finally, you see your name printed.
  Then one day, you find a recruitment notice in the evening newspaper: a magazine is revamping its edition and looking for editors and reporters. You are extremely excited because you have discovered a job that you really want to try. Sign up for the exam, pass the written test, and then get interviewed. Among the examiners are well-known editors whom you have never met. They look at you kindly and flip through the books and newspapers that have printed your words. At that time, you were in your twenties.
  Received a call: You were admitted! The first time you walked into the magazine’s door, you received two boxes of brand new business cards.
  The editor said: “Let’s start the interview today!”
  The family said: “Don’t be impulsive, think about it again, there should be many opportunities in the future.”
  The friend said: “You are not from a major, and you can write better than others. ?”
  Colleagues who got along day and night also expressed their reluctance sincerely.
  You hesitate – can you really turn your hobby into a career? Your timid heart is not so firm either.
  When you returned the business card, you also handed over the interview script you wrote for the first and last time. That time you were interviewing the largest shopping mall in the area at the time. You wrote two manuscripts in one go.
  In the future, when you think about the scene at that time, you will regret it. You often ask yourself, if you had done the job you especially wanted to do that year without hesitation, what would you be like today?
  Thirty years have passed and you have been working in this company. You are a veritable old employee. There are many young people in the unit, and you can’t name many of them. When we meet in the tea room, people often say: “You know, so-and-so resigned.” At that time, you feel moved in your heart, feeling that they are so young and dare to think and do.
  What if that year, you really quit your job and tried the career you particularly wanted to pursue? You uncovered the mystery of another life and found that it was almost the same as now – but at least, when you were young, you bravely took over the job. Taking the opportunity of destiny, I worked hard for the light of the dream in my heart, got closer, and never hesitated.
  So, if today I can go against the flow of time and find my 18-year-old self among that group of young people, I want to say to her –
  dear, I am not here to tell you that at that point in the future , how do you do it. I just want to say to you, at this best age, when the future is unclear and uncertain, please don’t waste time. Go to the library, bookstore, study room, read more, read biographies, philosophy, economics, literature… Even if you only read a few dozen pages a day, you must work hard to develop the habit of loving reading. Go to books to experience and think about diverse lives, go to the words to catch the moment of sudden enlightenment in your mind, slowly discover your true hobbies and interests through the accumulation of reading, and do your best to prepare for an uncertain tomorrow. Make more knowledge reserves so that your future self will have more choices and opportunities to be chosen!
  I believe that after this, when the first moment in life when you need to make a decision comes, you will have the confidence and courage to make a real decision in your heart because of the nourishment of the books you have read.
  In the following time, you will not regret the “what if”.